Beautiful Malachite
Beautiful Malachite

Prosperity: Lesser Known Crystals for Wealth

By Eliza Marie Somers

A few weeks ago we mentioned the top three things people are seeking when they come into For Heaven’s Sake. The first is protection, the second is love and the third is prosperity. In this installment, I will give you some lesser known crystals for prosperity. 

Prosperity comes in many forms depending on whom you ask. Most people associate prosperity with money, so here are some crystals for manifesting abundance of riches.

Cassiterite in Quartz: You get the bonus of quartz and cassiterite, a tin ore, in this white and brown/black stone. Use this crystal for manifesting abundance and prosperity by bringing in the Divine light to help you in your pursuits.

Chrysanthemum stone: A soft calm energy came over me the first time I held this stone. Its smooth river rock surface is embedded with patterns that resemble the flower it is named after. This crystal activates hidden talent that can help you live up to your potential, which in turn can bring prosperity. It also gives courage to do what you need to accomplish and is a magnet for positive coincidences or luck.

Chrysoprase: The green/blue crystal is like a one-stop shop for prosperity, love and forgiveness.  It is an excellent prosperity stone. It can help you attract love while allowing you to overcome past relationships.

Emerald: May’s birthstone is a heart opener and who cannot love a crystal that opens one up to love. As the heart opens so does many blessings, which attracts wealth and prosperity. It is considered a stone of royalty.

Epidote: If you want more of what is for your highest good, meditate with Epidote. This crystal can be programmed for wealth and abundance. Be careful of negative thoughts when programming this stone as it can manifest negativity. However, it can force you to change those negative patterns once they are out in the open.

Malachite: Bands of green are the trademark of Malachite and can help you sustain the willpower and motivation to reach your financial goals.

Moss Agate: I just love the different shades of green that this crystal demonstrates and it’s the green colors that work well to attract money. This is true as it relates to attracting business to increase prosperity. It’s a great crystal for your garden as it can increase your bounty. I’ll have to remember this as I have yet to plant my tomatoes. And Native Americans used this crystal as a power stone.

Lodestone: A dark magnetic crystal that can attract money, luck and prosperity.

Sunstone: When you put the raw crystal in the sunlight or under a light it shimmers with flashes of orange and yellow. This happy crystal is useful in creating abundance for all one’s needs.

Golden Tiger’s Eye: The dark brown and yellow stone is known for attracting money and abundance.

Blue Kyanite: A protective stone that is good for the throat chakra and truth. And truth can reveal what you need to change to attract wealth and prosperity. Blue Kyanite does not need cleansing.   

I hope these will help you as you add more crystals to your collection or if you are building prosperity grids.

Please stop by our two locations (Denver and Lakewood) to find these crystals and many more!

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