Crystals and Journaling to Help Cultivate Gratitude

Crystals and Journaling to Help Cultivate Gratitude

by Eliza Marie Somers

It’s Thanksgiving – that time of year we set aside to give thanks, but if you are having a difficult time finding an attitude of gratitude, you are not alone. Research reveals genetics and brain structure play a role in why some people find it harder to be grateful. And be mindful of negative personality traits such as envy, materialism and cynicism as they can be “thieves of thankfulness.”   

However, there are things you can do to cultivate a thankful heart and mind.

Start by creating a daily or even a weekly ceremony/ritual to create a change of mindset. Mediation guru Davidji preaches Ritual + Meaning = Transformation.

Start with lighting a candle, and set an intention of finding gratitude. Davidji has free meditations on his website including an Attitude of Gratitude, which lists five helpful strategies:

  • Take stock or count your blessings
  • Acts of kindness
  • Positivity
  • Forgiveness
  • Celebrate blessings.

Holding a crystal while you mediate can help as you explore ways to find appreciation. And carrying a crystal in your pocket or wearing crystal jewelry can remind you to practice acts of kindness or positivity.

Hiddenite and Green Apatite are some crystals Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian recommend in The Book of Stones that can help with gratitude.

Hiddenite: This is green Kunzite, which is a high vibrational crystal that resonates with Divine love that “teaches the value of joy and celebration.” No wonder Hiddenite is highly recommended. Ahsian writes, “Hiddenite teaches one the true energy of gratitude and abundance. It assists one in receiving the energy, love and gifts of the Divine and encourages one to respond with the heartfelt frequency of gratitude.”

Hiddenite and Kunzite are difficult to cut into gems, so if you find any jewelry, do yourself a favor and snag it for your collection.

Green Apatite: The green version of Apatite is excellent for frayed nerves and stress, and helps with hope in the face of adversity. It can help with halting negative communications, especially with self-talk.

Author Margaret Ann Lembo, who wrote “The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones,” likes Epidote, Jade and Peridot for achieving gratefulness.

Epidote can help you realize that there is enough for everyone, so there is no need to think about lack.

Jade brings good luck and reminds one to be grateful of all the gifts that come into your life.

Peridot allows one to be happy for others’ good fortune, which in turn brings good fortune to you. It is a transformational stone that can assist you to rise above the negativity.

Journaling is well-known for helping one achieve a grateful mindset. And journaling can include writing a thank you note or sending Christmas cards with a brief thank you. Here’s a link to help you get started with journaling. 

I like to grab a new journal at the beginning of the year or gift one to myself on my birthday to start a new birth year on a positive note.

I found this interesting in the article by Summer Allen on the Greater Good website: “There are real benefits to being thankful: more than 35 studies conclude “gratitude interventions can have positive benefits for people in terms of their well-being, happiness, life satisfaction, grateful mood, grateful disposition, and positive affect, and they can result in decreases in depressive symptoms.”

So don’t wait for the one day a year to be thankful. Meditate, hold a few crystals or journal your way to a grateful and happy heart.

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