Autumn Crystals

Autumn Crystals

by Eliza Marie Somers

The colors of autumn are a perfect time to take a look at some crystals that tend to get overlooked – the browns, the reds and oranges – as many people gravitate toward the blues and greens of the crystal world.

Here’s a quick look at some rocks you might want to add to your collection.

Red Tiger’s Eye – Yes, Tiger’s Eye comes in other colors than the more popular yellow and brown crystal. The red variation (there is also an awesome blue tiger’s eye) helps promote inner peace and calm, while enhancing confidence and self-esteem. It is also a good motivational stone.

Red Aventurine -  Most clients know green Aventurine, so the red variety tends to go unnoticed. Just like the green variety, Red Aventurine is great for prosperity. And you don’t want to go to any family gatherings without a piece of Red Aventurine in your pocket as it helps to create balance and harmony in the home.

Golden Feldspar – This crystal incorporates reds, browns and yellows. It is great for new beginnings and life’s changes. And for those rock hounds out there, Feldspar makes up more than 50 percent of the Earth’s crust, and includes Moonstone and Labradorite.

Orthoclase – Is a wonderful crystal for the brain. Whenever I hold this stone I can feel tingling in my head. This is an excellent crystal to help overcome tragedy and to align the chakras. This is also a Feldspar.

Mariam Jasper – When this crystal first came into the store we were all amazed at the wonderful swirls of yellows against a brown base. Mariam helps with electromagnetic pollution, and with 5G all around us, everyone could use this crystal. 

Honey Calcite – Look into this crystal and sure enough you will think of honey. Calcites are known as the multivitamin for the soul, and yes all the calcites will help revitalize you. Honey Calcite is one on my favorite calcites because it gently ramps up your energy and psychic abilities. It’s great for divine inspiration and guidance.

Bronzite – This brown crystal shows off with shimmering patterns of gold. It is calming and grounding as Bronzite dispels negative energy and psychic attacks. The Romans used ground Bronzite to protect against confusion.

Those are just a few of the autumn colored stones that you might want to start exploring when you are at one of our two locations (Denver and Lakewood). And right now, all Crystals and Jewelry are 20% off, in stores only. (Home Decor is 15% off!)

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