Crystal Travel Companions this Holiday Season

Crystal Travel Companions this Holiday Season

by Eliza Marie Somers


It’s that time of year for holiday travel, and with a predicted 122 million American adults traveling for Christmas, the energy could be quite intense.

So, before you leave home stop by one of our two locations to grab a few items to help you navigate the airport or the road and that crazy uncle.

I like to clear the air by burning sage, palo santo and sweet grass, but when you are traveling burning those powerful cleansers might be impossible. To take the place try some spray. Smudge in Spray clears and cleanses with a combination of essential oils, holy water and Bach flower essences (the 2 ounce size is ideal for plane travel). You also can pick up a spray that invokes saints or angels. I like Archangel Michael for protection, and Kuan Yin for love and compassion for those tense moments with relatives. Click here to browse all our sprays 

Now that you cleared the air, fill your pocket with some crystals to keep your aura bright and protected.

The guardian stone for travelers is Malachite. It is protective and can help with jet lag. 

Aquamarine is excellent for travel, especially over water.

Blue Kyanite is protective, and one of the few stones that doesn’t need to be cleansed. It is also great for calming emotions, which can come in handy this holiday season with so many people back in travel mode.

Bloodstone will help align and balance relationships with your friends and family members.

Serpentine can help to keep you focused on the positive by reminding you when negative thoughts creep in to immediately change your prospective. It’s also great for rebalancing your digestive system.

Speaking of digestive systems, try Apatite. It’s a funny name for a crystal that can help with weight loss and emotional eating. It’s also known for gaining better absorption of nutrients and balancing electrolytes.

Sodalite is known for its calming nature by helping to cancel out anger and negative thoughts. And because of its calming abilities, Sodalite can help tamp down inflammation.

Chrysocolla is a copper-based crystal, so it holds protective qualities. It’s blue-green hue can help you stay balanced when faced with an emotionally charged energy field.

And don’t forget Shungite and Selenite. Shungite can help protect you from those electromagnetic fields from the X-ray machines at the airport, while Selenite will quickly clear any negative energy you may encounter on your travels.

Saturday, December 11th, from 7pm-9pm, you can attend a crystal & essential oil workshop at our Lakewood location to get hands-on instruction on how to protect your energy during the holidays (and beyond). Click here to learn more and purchase tickets. 

Be safe, be well, and we hope this holiday season fills you with an abundance of joy. 

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