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Attract It! is a fun new board game based on the Law of Attraction that helps you become magnetic to your goals. Let’s gather together to play a game of Attract It! and increase our magnetism by sharing, visualizing, laughing, learning, growing, and being inspired to make our goals a reality. Come with a personal goal in mind of something you want to bring into your life.

Saturday, May 5th, Egan Sanders will bring his new game, “Attract It!” to For Heaven’s Sake Lakewood (12pm-3pm). It is a free event, however, space is limited. If you are interested, please call to the store to RSVP: 303.953.8760.

If you’d like to attend, this guest blog post will help you join the game prepared to attract what you what in life!


Three ‘Law of Attraction’ Tips,
By Egan Sanders



Know what you want. Imagine you are ordering at a restaurant. If you
are vague and simply just ask for “Food,” you have no real control
over your order. You might end up with something you don’t really
want. Take time to clearly write out what you want to attract into
your life. Ask yourself how you will feel when you have reached your


After you have set a goal take action. Sometimes you will get a clear
sense of a simple step you can take toward your goal. If no action is
possible, or nothing seems appropriate to do at that time, wait until
one does. Affirming, visualizing and other Law of Attraction
techniques are powerful. When followed up with action, they become
even more effective. We live in a physical world. Outer actions are
needed to change your life to maximize the Law of Attraction.


Let things play out after you have taken action on your goal. Release
the need to mentally figure out how your goal will be achieved. Just
as you trust that the sun will rise every morning, trust that your
goal will manifest in time. If you are focused on a goal and
consistently taking action on it, the universe will do its best to
fill your order. The Law of Attraction works best when you ask for
what you want and then allow new situations, circumstances to develop
in a natural way. Allow yourself to grow into your goal and new
reality. Be willing to let go and trust that the universe is working
with you to bring you your heart’s desire.

We hope you join us Saturday, May 5th, 12pm – 4pm for this free and exciting event! Call the store to RSVP: 303.953.8760

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