The Sky in March by Sophie Rose

 We begin the month with some very creative, inventive and intuitive energies that can help inspire a new project or find new dimensions of fulfillment in our daily lives (lots of Uranian energy until March 5th). Then the full moon on March 5th will bring some weird, almost mystical atmosphere, as well as emotional release (Sun conjuncts Chiron, Moon conjuncts Black Moon).

A need for action and change will show up around March 11th, we just need to remember to think before we leap and be patient (Mars conjuncts Uranus, squares Pluto).

From mid-March until mid-June will be a period to integrate any new explorations, belief system, or study began since the end of December. We’ll probably feel inner resistance and fear about approaching this area of our life differently, this is however a necessary learning phase that will take the next couple years to sink in (Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius).

The last of 7 Uranus-Pluto squares will be on March 16th. We’ve been surrounded by this very intense energy of radical evolution and transformation of consciousness since 2012. We cannot avoid the transformations, to resist them only brings more pain. This is a  slow process of elimination, letting go of our shadows and fears, breaking out of old conditioning, clearing out and rediscovering who we are, our true creativity and a new sense of what’s possible. So we better take this opportunity to refuse to follow the herd and make the necessary changes.

Finally, there will be an eclipse on March 20th at 29 Pisces, if it is touching your chart, you can plan for a major karmic release in some area of your life.

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Workshop by Sophie Rose

Past Lives and Higher Guidance

Saturday March 28th from 7 to 9 pm 

For Heaven’s Sake Bookstore

4900 West 46th Avenue

Denver, Co  80212


 How do past life memories affect our present life? How can we release deep-seated karmic patterns? What happens after we die? How do we contact our spiritual guidance and get answers? What are soul contracts and soul relationships? What does it mean to be a “soul having a human experience?” Is there a soul purpose?

Sophie Rose, soul regression therapist, will share what she learned from guiding clients into past lives and between lives.

Past life and between lives soul regression
How past life regression can be healing?
Here is a short video with Dr Oz and Linda Backman whom I did my training with.
Have a great month!


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