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Hello everyone! Happy New Year!  恭喜发财  or Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin) and Gong Hey Fat Choy (Cantonese). If you are like most of us that I’ve spoken with, you are probably glad to see a new year fresh with the promise of new energies and opportunities ahead of us.  I do expect it to be a much more prosperous year for all of us!

The Year of the Wood Sheep or Goat begins on February 19th of this year according to the Lunar calendar.  This is what we pay attention to for general tendencies that have a likelihood of showing up in events in our lives globally and personally.  Of course as you know, the more detail you get into with regards to how this year will affect you depends upon your specific astrology, feng shui and numerology charts, of which there are many types and variations.  And today, Wednesday, February 4th, 2015 is New Year’s Day according to the Solar Calendar which we use for all our feng shui calculations, updates and yearly recommendations.  I will discuss this a little later in this email.

All of these ancient sciences and arts such as astrology, numerology, geomancy, sacred geometry and feng shui, etc., are all based on patterns that repeat over and over in nature.  They are quite consistent in how they regularly manifest in our physical reality and have been tracked for over six thousand years.  To connect with an awesome numerology expert I highly recommend for an annual update, Michael Brill, click here.

There is a lot of discussion these days about “Mind Over Matter”, referring to the degree that we can shape our reality based on what we are focusing on.  “Where attention goes, energy flows”, is another expression that reinforces this concept. I very much agree with this notion. And in this age of positive thinking and “Intentional Feng Shui”, this is more true now than ever before.  Quantum physics confirms this.

However, I have had many people question me whether feng shui principles still apply since everything is changing so much. They say that the magnetic poles are shifting, or that we are in fact in a “pole shift” now!  Actually feng shui principles originated out of the principles contained within the I Ching, The Book of Change which is the primer for the understanding that everything is indeed in a state of constant transformation.  That is why we study feng shui – so we can better deal with our constantly changing world.  Further, in my many years of tracking the many Compass Feng Shui techniques, the degree of change over the years is not enough to really make a difference except possibly in a very small percentage of cases – for which there are always remedies anyway.

Whereas it is true that we can influence much in our life experience by our thoughts and intentions, physical principles and quantum physics laws still apply that we can’t change with our intentions.  For example, the moon still affects the tides, gravity still makes you plummet down off a cliff at a rate of 9.8 m/s², independent of mass (not taking into account wind resistance), planting seeds in the Spring leads to harvest in the fall, people don’t lift off the ground and levitate or fly at will without mechanical assistance or walk through walls without being dead – or a totally enlightened master – in which case they probably wouldn’t be here!

So these physical principles and patterns are what we pay attention to so we can leverage ourselves to make our lives easier and take advantage of these physical tendencies when they can benefit us, and avoid challenging energies that we can foresee in advance and prepare for.

Such is the nature of the study we are discussing here – understanding what is in store for us in this Yin Wood Sheep Year from a few different perspectives.

International conflicts

Because in the Flying Stars Chart this year the number 3 is in the center of the chart which represents conflicts, arguments, lawsuits, gossip, restlessness and irritability, this year could see its share of disputes between countries, or between the ruling elite and common people who feel taken advantage of, especially when greed and corruption becomes so evident in governmental institutions. But because of the presence of fire (which also represents the quality of generosity) in the 4 Pillars chart for this year, there is a possibility for those in power to care a little more for those with lesser means. Hopefully we will see more of that tendency showing up.

Since this energy is placed in the center of the directional chart, locations therefore where these types of conflicts most likely are prone to develop this year are in the middle/center of the continent, country, state, city, such as the “Inner City”, or the Middle East or Central America. Of course this is a generalization which doesn’t take into account any specifics.  The good news is that since it is the Yin Sheep year (which portends seeking peace and balance as quickly as possible), resolutions are more likely to evolve quickly preventing long extended battles.   So we expect less international conflicts this year and more peace initiatives and treaties since the sheep prefers to compromise and be more flexible.

Global economics

Since we are in an “8” year (2015 →2+0+1+5 = 8) (AND “8” represents wealth in both feng shui and numerology), AND the Sheep/Goat is the 8th Animal in the Chinese Zodiac, AND we have a balanced 4-Pillars of Destiny chart for 2015 (which means all 5 elements are represented in the chart), this all points to the fact that the potential for much abundance is there for everyone internationally (since we all have most of, if not all of the 5 elements in our personality makeup). The fire element represents optimism which points to increased stock market indexes and continued economic recovery. Obviously not everyone in the whole world is going to strike it rich this year, but there is such a strong influence – stronger than any in recent years – to allow many of us to step into more abundance than in the past.  So prepare to open yourselves to receive all of what you can dream for, and dream BIG!

Also, because I pay attention to global financial matters to some extent, I know that there is a huge Global Currency Reset (GCR) in the works that will more evenly stabilize the balance of trading power between about 198 countries, which will ultimately bring much more wealth to many of the underprivileged 3rd World countries based on actual resources the countries actually have. More countries are reverting to having gold to back their currencies including the US – finally! So keep your eyes and ears open for that. 

Businesses helped by this year’s elemental nature

In 2015 we have Yin Wood over Yin Earth (the Goat) in the 4 Pillars chart which means that since wood is about growth and yin earth is stabilizing, we have more clues that point to a more prosperous year for most of us.  Since there are all 5 elements in this chart, that tells us that most businesses represented by all 5 elements should do well this year.  However, Wood element and Metal element businesses might have a bit more of an advantage energetically.  Wood element businesses are industries such as paper/publishing, textile and clothing, education, media, floral and the environment. Metal element businesses include banking/accounting, hi-tech industry, industrial/machinery/manufacturing, automobiles, engineering, etc.

Fire element industries take 3rd place in benefiting from this year’s energies, and they are businesses such as entertainment, stocks and finance, energy creation, restaurants and retail, creative ventures and sports.

Health Issues to be aware of

People born in the year of the Snake and Dragon need to take care of their health this year since we have a detrimental earth element challenge in the Southeast, home to the Snake and Dragon.  And in general, earth element issues in Chinese medicine point to stomach, pancreas, musculature and cellular structure issues.  When earth gets out of balance by eating too much carbohydrates and sugars, this overloads the pancreas and contributes to diabetes and cancer and depletes the immune system.

Also since the 4 Pillars chart only contains one water element, the lack of much water indicates possible challenges with the Kidneys, and immune system. Water also supports wood, and wood represents the liver, spinal column and neck, so be sure to take in plenty of water this year since there isn’t much water in this chart representing the energies of this year in order to protect these areas of the body.

One more thought about health:  If you are interested in hearing about an amazingly vibrant and fun health stimulus that I and lots of my friends are experiencing, click here.

Weather patterns

A weak water element and weak earth element in the 4 Pillars chart for the year indicates a dry earth condition which could show up as large forest fires or wind related events. However with the global warming effects continuing with no end in sight, and chem trails continuously blanketing the earth and erratically affecting climatic patterns, the weather patterns are still so unpredictable.  Typhoons or hurricanes and tornadoes have been more prevalent in recent years and are not likely to cease. 

Other challenges to be aware of

This year, since the Sheep is opposing the Ox in the Chinese astrological cycle, those of you born in the year of the Ox (or the Rat also this year) should not take extraordinary risks physically or financially. It would be prudent to plan well and consult the 9 Star Ki Feng Shui Technique (or call me if you don’t know it) well in advance when planning a move or vacation or even a business trip in order to lessen the potential challenging energy.  9 Star Ki deals with timing and direction of travel or move. 

Watch your health well and get plenty of rest this year.

Also if you are born in the year of the Sheep, it is not automatically a bed of roses for you this year, and it is also advised to not take many risks since you may have some ups and some downs but generally should have a very interesting year.  For both the Ox and the Sheep and Rat it would be highly advisable to have your feng shui charts prepared for your home and work environments to hedge your luck in your favor this year.

People born in the year of the Horse, Pig/Boar, and Rabbit are friends of the Sheep and therefore get to ride on the coattails of the sheep’s good luck this year.

One more cautionary note is a character called the Tai Sui or Grand Duke who sits in the Southwest sector this year at 202.5 degrees through 217.5 degrees Southwest. This is an energy that is said to be detrimental if you face or have your back to that direction or create any disturbances in that sector of your home or outside in that area.  It’s not a good idea to do any construction or digging outside in that sector. 

Annual Flying Stars Updates

I am often asked, “How do we know if feng shui works?”  Besides the multitudes of testimonials I receive from many happy clients, I am also alerted to when it is NOT working.  That almost always shows up when yearly or monthly updates suggested are not followed through with, or even sought after by having an annual update scheduled.  My most successful clients also call me every quarter to get 3 months of element adjustments in their environments at a time.  It usually takes them about a half hour per month to make a few easy changes – things like moving a few pictures around to different rooms or walls, adding a throw to a couch or changing out a couple of small area rugs. When we work with accessories, we are working with the alchemy of the 5 elements in your space with color that represents the frequency of the element needed for the month in the right place. That splash of the right color at the right time in the right location is usually enough to ward off any upcoming challenges or take advantage of opportunities coming your way. The goal is always to increase the frequency of the space and keep the correct elements balanced in the right sectors.

So if you would like to hedge your opportunities this year with the latest energetics, call now to schedule a yearly update. They can take as little as 15 minutes for a simple layout, up to 3/4 hour for a larger, more complex space. The fees for this service range from $33 to $133 and average about $66.

Also, if you have already had your Flying Stars Color Analysis permanent energy chart done, but have not had an analysis created for you called the Water Dragon Formulas, then that might be a next step for you to explore the magic of!  Water Dragon Formulas specify in very detailed specific spaces where to place water features/fountains for maximum benefit that most often help to trigger and bring in financial and career opportunities, and often have quick results. Call or email me to find out more about that.

I wish for you a year filled with joy, love, great vibrant health and amazing abundance! I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing from you. Many blessings,

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