Your Crystal Allies By Tracee Dunblazier

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Need the help of a friend, but not the judgement?

Crystals, gems, and minerals make the best companions on your healing journey through trauma recovery and metamorphosis of any form.
Sometimes our transitions in life feel like they require more than we have to offer—emotional transformation, hope, focus?
Now you can turn to the stone kingdom for the support you need.
It is no secret that crystals offer energetic healing in every dimension, whether the change is occurring on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level—you must adapt.
Quartz crystal is formed in a grid of sacred geometric patterns—balanced and stable —it can align with our quantum energy fields.

Your Crystal Allies: The 12 Best Gems and Minerals for Healing Trauma and Navigating Change is the information you need to allow the wisdom and structure of the
Quartz based stones to help you emotionally process grief; access guidance from your spirit guides, angels, and the Cosmos;
shift your spiritual and karmic imprints; connect with your ancestors; transmute physical patterns and habits—and find peace.
Working with Crystals will help you:
Cultivate your ability to receive, effortlessly.
Receive nurturing non-judgement from compassionate companions.
Discover the ancient wisdom of the Earth.
Claim dominion over your sacred space.
Learn the art of mindfulness and self-awareness.
Transform your grief into forgiveness.
Work with Crystal Grids to empower every aspect of your life.

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