Turtle Wisdom Playbook-Spiral

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Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself has been embraced by seekers around the globe.
Originally written for Donna's coaching clients as a touchstone between sessions, Turtle Wisdom's endearing, easy-to-digest,
timeless message of knowing and accepting yourself so you can design your very best life - unexpectedly spread through nine countries and world-wide in Chinese and Spanish.
The Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards, a complete confidence-building and empowerment program in a box, has likewise become a beloved tool on the self-development and transformation path. . . .
Now, the long-awaited third piece in this internationally-recognized empowerment program has finally arrived.

Pick up your crayons, colored pens or pencils and get ready for a fun, motivational, and transformational adventure!
Much More then a coloring book, this is a place for you to contemplate and explore, experiment and discover the nuances of YOU.
Color inside and outside the lines, ruminate with the inspirational messages, fascinating contemplations, and integrative processes. Add your own questioning and thoughtful words, positive ideas, creative doodles, insightful musings, and powerful affirmations.
Make this Turtle Wisdom Playbook your very own!

Discover the remarkable Being you are at your Essential Core, and cultivate the truest expression of your beautiful, magnificent Self.
Each one of these pages has been divinely blessed for your exploration, discovery, and delight.

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