Singing Bowls, Hand Hammered: Notes - A, B, C, D, E, F, & G

Note: 3.5 in "D"
Metal: Brass
Sale price$134.95


A singing bowl is a standing bell that is inverted and played by rotating a mallet around the outer rim in order to create a resonant,
musical note. It can also be played by striking the outside of the bowl.
The Bowls have been known to help some people with Stress relief, lowering blood pressure, Reducing Depression, improving sleep,
enhancing healing practices, Pain relief, stimulating the immune system and meditation.
This set of bowls can be purchased all together or one at a time in the different notes that are tied to the different Chakras in the
body. (Listed below)
Singing Bowl 3.5 in "D" Brass – Sacral
Singing Bowl 4 in "B" Brass - Crown
Singing Bowl 5 in "A" Brass - 3rd Eye
Singing Bowl 5.75 in "E" Brass - Solar Plexus
Singing Bowl 6.25 in "C" Brass - Root
Singing Bowl 7 in "G" Brass - Throat
Singing Bowl 7.75 in "F" Brass - Heart
Singing Bowls, Hand Hammered Nesting Set of 7 Notes - A, B, C, D, E, F, & G

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