Shungite Phone Disk 1in. diameter x .125in. thick

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Shungite Phone Disk
Package includes 1 inch diameter .125 inches thick disk w/stick tape for adhesion
Shungite Metaphysical properties - Powerful healing qualities. Purifies water. Inhibits EMF’s.
Great for putting on your cellphone, computer, microwave.
Combats insomnia, stress, anxiety. Boosts energy. Provides a shield of protection.
Shungite is a relatively new stone in the western hemisphere, but has been famous in its exclusive place of origin, Russia, for hundreds of years. Named after Shun'ga, the village where it's mainly found in Karelia, this unique rock is composed of up to 98% carbon. It's one of the few natural sources of buckyballs, a rare hollow carbon molecule, which makes it capable of neutralizing electromagnetic emissions, waterborne contaminants, free radicals, and negative energy. For hundreds of years, shungite's sorbent properties have been utilized in spas and therapy, and more recently in commercial water filters in Russia, proving its detoxifying and healing properties. To experience optimal benefits, it's recommended to keep shungite near electronic devices, on your person with shungite jewelry, or nearby at all times. Two grades of shungite are available commercially: noble shungite, which is a silvery-black, brittle stone, and black shungite, which is more stable and therefore used in jewelry and other finished pieces. Both grades are increasingly in demand as shungite's health benefits are becoming more widely known.

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