One Light

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One Light
By Jon Whistler
We live in diffacult times. There is no seeming end to the conflicts and problems that assail Humanity today, and Human aggression and exploitation on the Earth and tein plagues that afflict the planet.
All this generates one thing in consciousness - fear.
Is there a purpose to this worldwide chaos? A purpose to this fear? There is.
The purpose it to enable control. That, by the enslavement to fear we members of Humanity shall remain blinded to the true nature of our being and the reason for our existence here on Earth.
This is the Illusion. Our Illusion.
Through this Illusion we have been prevented from living the life that we were created to live. We except suffering, repression, and the darkness of ignorance and guilt as lamentable but integral factors of our lives, when our true destiny is one of freedom, creativity, and Light.
Ten years ago Jon Whistler and two friends discovered the way out of this Illusion, and ONE LIGHT is the book tells it all.
If you want freedom from fear; from old voices and guilts; from all illusion, then ONE LIGHT will show you how to get it.
If you want to know the glory of your being, then this book, ONE LIGHT, is your book.

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