Moldavite - Rough Chunks 2 to 8grams

Rough: 3.2
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Moldavite - Rough Chunks 2 to 8grams

Moldavite Alive!

Moldavite (natural): Synchronicity. Activation. Transformation. Expanded awareness. New territory. Access to inter-dimensional energies and otherworldly teachers. Clears self-limiting beliefs. Reveals our deepest fears. Chakras: Heart and up. There is something mysterious about Moldavite.... Take it in your hands and maybe you'll feel a touch of cosmic energy as their origin is linked to the space abysses.

Moldavites were formed more than 14,000 years ago by the impact of a giant meteorite in the area of Ries in Northern Bavaria, Germany. Pieces of local sediments, melted by the impact and then cooled again in the air, were catapulted hundreds of kilometers far away. Mostly in South Bohemia. These specimens are energetically pure and legally mined from the Czech Republic.. Want some?!

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