Magic of Flowers Oracle

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The Magic of Flowers Oracle, created by Tess Whitehurst in collaboration with artist Anne Wertheim, is a deck designed to provide inspiration and spiritual remedies through the symbolism and energy of flowers. 

1. **Connection to Nature and Spirit**: The Magic of Flowers Oracle aims to connect users with the beauty and wisdom of flowers. Each card features a different flower, such as Bougainvillea, Calla Lily, Cherry Blossom, Dahlia, Daisy, Forget-Me-Not, Impatiens, Iris, Lilac, Lily, Orchid, Pansy, Rose, Tulip, Wisteria, and more.

2. **Inner Wisdom and Quiet Mind**: The deck can help to quiet the mind and facilitate access to inner wisdom. By contemplating the images and messages of the flowers, users can tap into deeper spiritual insights and guidance.

3. **Artistic Collaboration**: The artwork by Anne Wertheim enhances the experience of each card, visually capturing the essence and energy of the flowers depicted. The images are designed to evoke a sense of beauty, whimsy, and the miraculous aspects of life.

4. **Inspiration and Remedies**: Each card likely offers inspirational messages, remedies, or guidance related to the specific qualities and symbolism of the flower it represents. This could include insights on personal growth, healing, spiritual development, and connecting with nature’s energies.

5. **Practical Application**: Users can use the Magic of Flowers Oracle for daily inspiration, meditation, intuitive readings, or as a tool for personal reflection and growth. The deck encourages a deeper appreciation for the natural world and its spiritual significance.

Overall, the Magic of Flowers Oracle is not only a visually stunning deck but also a spiritual tool that invites users to explore the profound wisdom and healing energies associated with flowers. It seeks to nurture a deeper connection to nature, promote inner peace, and inspire personal transformation through the power of floral symbolism and intuitive guidance.

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