Channeling J.T. Oracle Card Deck

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CHANNELING J.T. ORACLE CARDS: Wisdom From The Other Side of Life (44 card deck & guidebook, boxed) Sarina Baptista J.T. Baptista Wisdom from the other side of llife, guiding you to answers for all of life's questions! This 44-card deck and guidebook have been created to give you access to that wisdom from the higher space. Sarina Baptista is the medium through which J.T. channels. She is also his mother. When J.T. left his incarnation in March 2007, he did everything he could to let her know he was still very close. He led her to those who would help her discover who she truly is: a medium, the bridge between this world and the next. Sarina is also an award-winning author, international speaker, and spiritual teacher, although she says none of this would be true without her incredible and determined son, J.T. She feels she is one of the blessed ones, able to talk with her son every day, knowing exactly where he is and that he is so much more than okay. He is her guide, her teacher.

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