Candle, Mini (Colors)

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Assorted Colors Miniature Candles:

Measuring 1/2" in diameter and 4" in length, these unscented candles provide a burn time of approximately 20 minutes. Their clean-burning nature ensures no wax residue is left behind. For an enhanced display, we recommend using a ceramic or glass holder (sold separately) or wrapping them in aluminum foil. Remember to never leave candles unattended, and if you need to step away, consider placing them in the sink for added safety.

These candles can serve various purposes, such as setting intentions or participating in candle magic ceremonies. Each color carries its own symbolism:

White: Symbolizes purification.
Black: Removes negativity, promotes growth
Red: Represents strength and love and passion
Yellow: Enhances mental clarity and optimism
Pink: Embodies gentle loving kindness and affection
Green: Draws money and abundance, tranquility
Purple: Fosters spirituality.
Light Purple: Imagination
Orange: Ignites creativity and vitality, motivation
Light Blue: Sincerity
Blue: Stands for truth, compassion, justice, and career
Brown: Grounding, courage and balance.
Silver/Grey: Amplifies intuition and psychic awareness.
Gold: Attracts abundance and positive influences.

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