Adventures of Billy Penny by Suze Orman (Oversize Hardcover)

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Published January, 2017; 40 pges 11 x 8.5" oversized hardcover book Renowned financial expert and #1 New York Times best-selling author, Suze Orman, ventures into children's literature with "The Adventures of Billy and Penny." The story follows a one-dollar bill named Billy and a penny named Penny. After realizing that their true worth is being overlooked by the family they live with, Billy and Penny go missing. When the pizza delivery man arrives, the mother enlists the help of her children and their piggy bank to pay for dinner. Upon Billy and Penny's return, the family recognizes the value of the money that saved the day. In this classic and family-friendly tale, Orman and illustrator Kathy Travis emphasize the importance of counting every penny and making every penny count.

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