Where Can I Buy Moldavite?

Moldavite: A Stone of Transformation

by Eliza Marie Somers

Moldavite is having its moment thanks to TikTok, and it’s no coincidence as many experts call Moldavite a stone of beneficial synchronicities.

First what is Moldavite? It is a Tektite. When a meteor hits the Earth, the ground at the impact site creates tremendous heat causing organic material to melt, creating a strewn field of glassy-type structure of matter. Tektites are found all around the world and are usually black, but Moldavite is green and comes only from an area in the Czech Republic. It is the only tektite that is “gem quality,” so you can find beautiful green faceted Moldavite set in jewelry. Some say the facets on Moldavite increase its vibration.

Other contend that Moldavite is of extraterrestrial origin, while another theory is that the meteor’s impact explosion was so great it vaporized the ground and the gas went into the atmosphere and cooled down to create a rain of glass-like matter. No matter its origin, all agree Moldavite is a high vibrational stone.

And with its high vibrational frequency it’s probably no coincidence that TikTok placed a spotlight on this green “glass” at this time in Earth history. Moldavite is a stone of transformation of the heart, helping one reach their highest potential, and align one’s heart with the Divine.

Melody, author of “Love Is In The Earth,” states Moldavite “draws into the Earth plane those thought patterns and light-vibrations which are optimal to one’s preparation for ascension and illumination. It facilitates strong, clear and direct interdimensional interconnectedness between one’s consciousness and the higher planes of light.” And is a “stone to serve the inhabitants of this planet.”

Wow! And Robert Simmons, who wrote “The Book of Stones” with Naisha Ahsian, states Moldavite has a special role to play in the awakening of humanity. Ahsian states “Moldavite teaches one to respect the power it carries and to respect the power one carries within oneself.”

Here are some of Moldavite’s qualities:

  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Spiritual Protection
  • Transformation
  • Evolution
  • Revitalization
  • Acceleration To One’s Highest Path
  • Opens All Chakras Especially the Heart Chakra
  • Clears Blockages
  • Self-Healing
  • Enhances Dreams
  • Increases Synchronicity
  • Helps to Fulfills Highest Destiny

Because of its high vibration some may experience the “Moldavite flush” as it brings up emotional issues. It can also cause light-headedness, dizziness, headaches, and tingling sensations. If this happens it may be best to integrate with Moldavite slowly, wearing it a few hours a day while increasing the time with the stone. 

Simmons summed it up best: Moldavite offers the promise and carries the potential for assisting one in fully awakening the intelligence of the heart.

BEWARE of FAKE Moldavite

Since it’s propulsion onto centerstage by TikTok, fake Moldavite is flooding the market. To keep from being scammed, buy from a reputable dealer. Our buyer has been in this business for more than 20 years and has formed partnerships with reputable vendors. You can be confident that we sell only real Moldavite from the Czech Republic.

To help you differentiate fake from real here are some tips.

Shine a light on Moldavite. Fake Moldavite will have similar patterns, real Moldavite will feature an erratic asymmetric pattern and may have inclusions. An overall shiny glassy texture also is a sign of FAKE Moldavite.

Here is a link to a website that reveal Fake vs.Real 

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