This is a time of unlimited possibilities. The chaos, which is quite evident now, is the catalyst for change. A “trigger” much be utilized in order for some to “wake up” to what is no longer serving them. New doors of opportunities are opening at this very moment! The question to ask oneself is, “Am I ready to reach for those opportunities?” The ego will try to keep one in the place of fear and stagnation. As you witness the changes and destruction of Hurricane Sandy one may see how powerful energy may bring about necessary changes: whether it be transition of the biological body or in how one will move forward with their lives. When one holds them self within energetic stagnation, for too long, catalysts for change will come “storming in.” Mankind has been told about changes which were required in order to bring Earth back into balance; warnings which have been brushed aside. The climatic changes, which are evident around the world, are the result of energetic stagnation which has now itself released. One may picture a rubber-band which has been stretched to its limit. The only options are to either “snap back” or “break.” Either with result in chaos. Such occurs within the biological body when one chooses not to move out of that which no longer serves them; the rubber-band is either snapped or broken, bringing one into an awareness that change must occur, in one modality or another. We honor and love you, always. You, that are here in this lifetime, chose to come during this time of “The Great Shift.” All of you knew this would be a Cosmic Awakening and the path would be difficult, however, the agreement made on the other side was made by you, an eternal being, so you could experience expansion at the highest level. We embrace those that have made their transition and joined us on the other side, knowing they have achieved a process of expansion that could not have been recognized in past lives. Know that they are with us and well. Dear ones, your opportunities are opening in a way that have not been available before. Will you stand at the window of opportunity to merely admire the view or will you choose to walk through the door of opportunity to experience them to their fullest? Change is inevitable. The process and modality of that change is yours to make. We love you very, very much. We are with you, always…~Nick~10/31/12 – Channeled Message from Marstuthnick by Deb Klepsch

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