Top Green Crystals, Part I

By Eliza Marie Somers

We could all use a little luck of the Irish, and for St. Patrick’s Day how about meditating with a few less-popular green stones to change your fortunes.

Let’s start with one of March’s birthstones – Bloodstone.

Bloodstone is a green jasper, which is a form of chalcedony, with red inclusions. So if you are having medical issues with your blood this crystal is an intense healer, according to expert Melody. It is an excellent stone for detoxing. If you are looking to change your luck with a relationship, Bloodstone is good for revitalizing connections with others.

Need help making the right choices? Try Fuchsite. I love this crystal as the mica in it sparkles, especially in the tumbled variety, but remember it’s a soft stone 2-2.5 on Mohs scale. Meditating with Fuchsite can help you access information on maintaining health, daily routines, stress, pets, co-workers and careers, according to Melody. It’s known to assist in realigning the spine and helping with carpal tunnel syndrome.   

Moss Agate. Oh, I love the variety of colors found in this agate, which is great for gardening. It is known as a stone of wealth, maybe that’s why it’s great for crops. It is also used to help with stress and anxiety, allowing one to achieve a balance of emotions. It is a great crystal to meditate with to help you achieve your goals, and is an excellent abundance stone.

Tree Agate is also great for getting in touch with nature and can help your garden grow abundantly. It is used to see the beauty in all things.

Grossularite is Green Garnet. Naisha Ahsian in “The Book of Stonesstates this this “as potent a prosperity stone” she has ever worked with, and helps to overcome scarcity thinking. She also states it can be an excellent crystal to connect with the Divine. By the way ALL Garnets are known for carrying the energy of prosperity.

When most people think of Amethyst, purple comes to mind, but did you know there is a Green Amethyst? Prasiolite is another stone to connect with nature and help you reach you “inner depths.” This is why it’s known to link the heart and crown chakras, bringing spiritual ideals into everyday expressions of love.

Since we are on different colors of popular crystals, Hiddenite is Green Kunzite. Ahsian likes this crystal because it’s a “Master stone of the heart,” as it “teaches us to receive the Love of the Divine and return that Love in kind, through the frequency of gratitude.” Wow! Who cannot afford to have this crystal in your collection? It also can teach us the true meaning of gratitude and abundance.

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