Dia Nunez Art Show at For Heaven's Sake Lakewood

On July 22, 2020, Radiah "Dia" Kamala Nunez lost her fight with breast cancer. Her passing was unexpected and left a very large void in many lives, including the For Heaven’s Sake family. Dia was a loved and respected part of our family and we are still deeply saddened by her passing.

Through the love and knowing of her family, Dia’s mother worked with For Heaven’s Sake to provide 10 of Dia’s last artworks for display, making them available to the spiritual community. The showing is not only a way to say goodbye to Dia, but to celebrate her creative and unbridled spirit. A place to commune and pay your final respects to this wholly unique powerhouse we were all fortunate to know.

To ensure all have the opportunity to buy one of Dia’s paintings, we have put them on a bidding system. You may see the works below. We encourage all her friends, followers and clients to submit a bid if they so wish. You may call the store if you are out of state or unable to see them in person. We will accept bids for three months and ship anywhere in the United States. That said, an intent to purchase is not necessary. All are welcome to visit For Heaven’s Sake Lakewood and spend time with Dia’s genius.

The show will run through July 31st, 2021. Lakewood store phone: 303-953-8760.

About Dia:

Dia earned two degrees from New York University in Media Theory. She also served as a fluid and abstract artist and Lukumi Shaman of Yemaya.

“Sometimes our destiny is right in front of our faces and we don’t even realize it. My goal is to delve into a deeper part of human consciousness, to discover and display a reality that is yet to be tainted by humanity itself. My goal is to inspire individuals to look at life from a different perspective. My works bring to the surface a VERY deep/primal/unseen realm where all things begin before it manifests into the physical world.

Before “empowerment” in any form can manifest to the physical world it begins in the consciousness of the cosmos, showered down to human beings, then to mind causing a spark that can inspire one to act; Hence creating someone who can change the course of history because of that inspiration.

Before we can empower ourselves and/or others, one has to first spark that “idea” and/or energy. My artwork is very primal, hence the formless, and in the same breath, containing form. Feminine energy in its simplest state, which sparks LIFE itself.” Radiah Kamala Nunez


Dia Nunez Artwork
Dia Nunez, #15, 16x20, starting bid $320
Dia Nunez, #16, 16x20, starting bid $320
Dia Nunez, #17, 16x20, starting bid $320
Dia Nunez, #18, 12x16, starting bid $192
Dia Nunez, #19, Privately Owned - for Display Only
Dia Nunez, #20, 12x16, starting bid $192
Dia Nunez, #21, 18x24, starting bid $432
Dia Nunez, #22, 18x24, starting bid $432
Dia Nunez, #23, 20x10, starting bid $200 (this piece is on burlap)
Dia Nunez, #24, 12x16, starting bid $192
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