Incense was used since the ancient times in religious ceremonies. Because of its smell, most people think that the main purpose of burning incense sticks is to freshen up the air. But there is more to incense than just air freshener. In fact, it has been found to have a range of positive physical and psychological benefits.

Here are some of the powerful benefits of incense.

Promotes better sleep

Burning incense is great for anyone who is struggling with insomnia because of the relaxing effect it has. There is a wide variety of plants used in incense. Each of these plants contains substances that are calming and relaxing. This makes incense a great natural treatment to aid insomnia. The sedative properties of incense help induce sleep. Burning incense in your home will help you enjoy a more restful sleep.

Reduce stress and anxiety

As a result of the calming effects of incense, it can be helpful in relieving built up tension in the muscles as well as in relieving stress and anxiety. Certain incense aromas work to soothe nerves and slow down the heart rate. Boswellia and Frankincense have anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties and can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Enhance focus and concentration

Monks and spiritual leaders burn incense when they meditate as it helps clear the air as well as their thoughts. Incense enhances focus and concentration. It enables clear thinking and helps develop a state of complete awareness. It has even been linked to heightened creativity.

Reduce pain

If you’re someone who deals with chronic headaches, we suggest that you try burning incense at home. Inhaling the natural herbs is one of the best ways to introduce them into your body. Incense has a calming effect that induces a meditative state. This helps relieve the pain and cure headaches. But the healing benefits of incense don’t just stop there. It doesn’t just mask the pain, it can also eliminate whatever is causing the pain.

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