SYNOPSIS ~~ New Moon and Sun in Scorpio.   Saturnian Eclipse. Mercury retrograde. 3rd November 2013

This Scorpio New moon, with the eclipse brings the opportunity for complete new beginnings,,, but getting there could prove challenging for some of us. We are sometimes very comfortable in our patterns, and the stories we tell ourselves and run our lives on.

A solar eclipse energy magnifies the existing astrological energies 3 fold. It essentially `interrupts` the normal flow of energy from the sun to our earth and so offers us the chance to access the means to change course, find new ways of being and step into new authentic life paths. Saturn’s influence here asks you to engage with and live `what is true for you`. Become more authentic with yourself and with others. Recognize where you are running an old and redundant program which allows you to `hide` and deny your true power.

Scorpio is an intense and passionate sign. This NM asks us to become more involved in our own lives consciously. Scorpio can bring up old fears, but fear is based on illusion, and the eclipse could magnify this emotion but will also shine a light on what it is based on, and offer you the insight to change your perspective.

The last time this type of eclipse in Scorpio occurred was in the early `60`s,, with the revolutionary energy of `individual self-expression`. This initiated huge shifts in consciousness around the planet, the awareness of Earth as alive and interacting, and the need for inclusive and holistic lifestyles. This will initiate the same energies, but because of 21st century technology the awareness available now will have faster and greater impact.

Step into a fuller, truer, and more authentic YOU,, ~in your life style and life choices. Forgiveness is a powerful tool to free you from a limiting past, so work to forgive yourself and others. Focus on what works for you. Find what ignites your passion. Own your power and stop living `less` and `small`. This serves no one. Shine your inner light without fear. This enhances your ability to manifest and create the new reality you are seeking.

Other cultures are also celebrating the Festival of Lights, Day of the Dead and Samhain around this time. These too are powerful energies to step into a new way of being.

Blessings, Anne

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