Sun, Moon and Stars ~ A Nick Message for October

YOU are as powerful as the Sun, Moon and Stars. YOU are in the constant process of creation. Yes…YOU are more powerful beyond measure, however, your lack of awareness…which IS measurable, may be most evident. Of what you have in your life, is of what YOU have created. This biological experience consists of constant change. When one activates change through their own volition, the resulting change can be most beneficial. Many are feeling the “need” for change, yet, unable to understand or wish to activate the process. Know that you came here to experience Love and Joy. Make each day a new beginning. Allow the past to remain, in the past. Do as the Sun each day; shine with the beauty of light. Do as the Moon each night; bask in the essence of feminine energetic creation. Do as the stars; allow your light to radiate through which you create. Self Love is very important to one’s creation process in this dimension. To love thyself to allow oneself to co-create and manifest through love.

 Nick ~ 10/6/13 – Channeled message from Marstuthnick “Nick” by Deb Klepsch

Deb Klepsch – Channeling “Nick”  – Deborah has been channeling Marstuthnick (Nick) since January 2007 when he “appeared” during a past life regression. Nick says, “We are of many legions. We come to help man make aware their gifts.” Deborah has been a Reiki Master since 1997 and received her Doctor of Philosophy in Parapsychic Science in 2006 from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, Birmingham, Alabama.Now on sale at the store!  Autographed copy of her latest book, Marstuthnick:  Flight of the Phoenix.

Publication Date: May 19, 2012
With the many changes which are occurring, see oneself as a beautiful Phoenix that rises from the ashes to begin anew. One’s journey never ends but is always changing; each time developing strength and beauty of new plumage to spread wings for new flights, taking one higher, to glide the currents of change. ~Nick~5/7/10 Deborah has been on her spiritual path since she was a child. There were many times when she “felt” things around her but could not explain to adults what they were. Then came the fear of the unknown, and she shut down her abilities. Over the years, Deborah has been training and preparing to open herself up to receive again, and in 2007 Marstuthhnick “Nick” made his appearance through a Hypnotherapy Session.

RSVP Deb is available for readings during our 2nd and 4th Sunday Psychic Fairs from 11-5 or by appointment.  Also catch Deb in group during her CHANNELING MARSTUTHNICK ”NICK” Night – Pure Conscious Channel on Evenings of Guidance with questions and answers  Quarterly on Fridays from 7-8:30PM

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