October Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars”

By Janis Page   c2013

Janis Page RightA late welcome to October from down the rabbit hole, which seems to be the new permanent address for so many these days!    Maybe that rabbit hole can double as a bit of a bunker, because October is a bit of a bumpy ride with some tough aspects and sequences, the first of two eclipses this fall, and our last Mercury retrograde (Rx) for the year…  It’s a wonderful opportunity to practice patience, neutrality, discernment and compassion while taking a very broad view of things as the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) tectonic plates shift.  

October is yet another month to start with challenges right out of the starting gate, as Mercury makes a smooth, idealistic, potentially deceptive and psychic trine to elusive Neptune while the Sun squares off in an in your face power play to Pluto (government shutdown, anyone?) then moves to challenge erratic, independent Uranus two days later.  Can’t we all just get along?   Apparently not.   So many have been going thru a time of significant stress, loss, and confusion that they are exhausted and more prone to be on the defensive.  

The new Moon on October 4th at 11° Libra 56’ continues to bring challenges, as both the Sun and now also the Moon form a tight grand cardinal square on the angles here in Denver, opposing revolutionary Uranus retrograde (signature of the revolutionary) on the ascendant, all squaring ubiquitous, power lord Pluto on the midheaven, opposing uranian transneptunian (TNP) Kronos (leadership and authority) at the foundational bottom of the chart.   This looks like aggressive intransigence, while trying to reach a harmonious balance against power and disruption.   Further, the Sun and Moon form a tight 150° inconjunct to maverick, wounded healer Chiron, calling for adjustment where hidden issues and possible victimization might occur – here are all the issues around healthcare.   Mercury in willful, power-driven Scorpio may indicate secret talks or sabotage as it is starting to move into a conjunction with the north node of the Moon, uranian transneptunian (TNP) Poseidon (spirituality, truth, but also media and propaganda) tightly conjunct Saturn, the Lord of Karma, and these inconjunct Uranus on the ascendant.   Talk about when push comes to shove, or trying to take a firm, resolute stand while dancing in a minefield!   This is classic as conflict between the old and traditional, and what is new, different and innovative.   And as if that isn’t enough (really, it is!) on the dial, the Sun and Moon make an abrasive aspect to Venus (love and money), TNP Admetos (being stuck!), centaur Nessus (he’s a bad boy, a ‘poisoned shirt’), and asteroids Eros (sexual energy, cardio issues) and House (of Representatives???)  It’s a challenging, chaotic new Moon, and it’s setting the energy pattern for the upcoming month.   

In addition to the chaos and dangerous power plays we see happening in the political realm, it’s been most unsettling to be seeing several dealing with attacks and manipulations from some of those dancing on the dark side.   This is not good – obviously – but hopefully the Sun and the clear lifeforce energy that it represents will bring light, clarity and freedom by shining light into the dark corners.   Those hiding and attacking from those dark corners aren’t liking it much, but on a higher level, it does expose their true colors while compassionately serving their evolution.   Take the higher road when dealing with Pluto or otherwise dark challenges… when in difficult situations, keep things simple, stay in integrity, maintain your boundaries, and be mindful of your responsibility with issues, including being mindful of what is and what is not yours to deal with.         

Ok, that takes us through the first four days of the month, with many of these effects continuing on.  Yikes! 

Over the next few days, Mercury and the lunar node form an opportune sextile to Pluto for more secret negotiations and potential depth of understanding.  Then on the 7th, Venus leaves possessive Scorpio for freedom loving and expansive Sagittarius, counterbalancing that the next day Mercury conjuncts Saturn in heavy Scorpio.   This aspect is serious, focused, willful, but also great for concentration and depth.   The Libra Sun squares Jupiter in Cancer on the 12th for more expansion and optimism.  

Mars enters Virgo on the 15th for a bit more humility and commitment to service and impeccability, which is helpful because from the middle of the month on, the next upcoming exact square of Uranus and Pluto is tightening, ready to be exact on November 1st.   We are feeling it.   On the 16th, we have a flowing fire trine from Venus in freedom loving Sagittarius to revolutionary Uranus in independent Aries, making for fun and surprising social interactions. 

And this leads up to the lunar full Moon eclipse on October 18th, with the Moon at 25° Aries 45’ opposing the Sun at the same degree in Libra.   Eclipses always activate and kick it up, and this one is no exception.   The Moon is conjunct ‘dwarf planet’ Eris, of chaos and discord, and the two luminaries are making some very hard hits on the 90° dial.  These include Mercury and TNP Hades, as well as the activating midpoint to those two bodies.   We can expect that we will be hearing a lot of bad news, and stories about decay and the ends of cycles, as well as some profanity and slander.  The eclipse also activates the Saturn/Uranus midpoint, representing the challenge of the old order versus the new.   Venus/Chiron will want special exemptions and bring up issues about finances as well as romance.  Ceres/Hades may bring news about problems with food shortages or toxicity.   Zeus/Juno may bring explosiveness where issues of equity of energy exchange in partnerships is concerned, as well as financial arrangements.   There may be news of domestic violence concerning firearms.   And Saturn/Pluto is upheaval and transformation of the old ways, and there will be resistance and delays.    If this eclipse activates your chart you’re going to be feeling it!

… and I’m feeling nudged to disclose something a bit different – crazy alert!  I’ve heard from more than one source that there has been a stargate built on the Moon (I warned you!) and that it will be activated on the day of this eclipse.  Now we won’t know for sure until we do if we do, but if things get even wilder or more outside the norm, maybe there will be something to it?   A lot of work has been done on subtle levels for a while now, but this one is a bit more.   So much seems down the rabbit hole!   Stay tuned! 

Ok, back to our regular programming… as with several sequences of aspects above, this eclipse is also part of a series of aspects and astrological events.   The day following, Mars, the planet of ego drive and expression, in Virgo will oppose dreamy, compassionate, sometimes deceptive Neptune in Pisces.   This can bring idealization, deception, confusion, and/or fatigue.   These two planets are so different in nature that they do not play well together.          There can be martyrdom or fanaticism based on ‘spiritual’ ideals or principles.  If something weird does transpire with the eclipse, this aspect will increase confusion, tho there is also the possibility that those who are aware beyond the small, ego self, will, from their higher compassionate Self (Neptune) know how to take action (that’s Mars again).  

During this whole time, Mercury, the planet of communications, mind, and travel, has been slowing down, ready to come to a full stop on Monday, October 21st, for the little rascal’s final three week retrograde (RX) phase.  There may be confusion, delays, miscommunications, missed connections, problems with technology.   It is a good time to finish up projects that have been started, and to reconsider and refine ideas and plans.    Looking at the 1-2-3 of the eclipse, the Mars-Neptune opposition, then Mercury turning RX – well, things may look a little different on the other side.   We may be ready for new goals and ideas, more in alignment with our higher wisdom, and less in combat and competition with others.  

I am relieved to say that it looks like the rest of the month will be smoother sailing… the Sun will enter Scorpio on the 22nd, for focus and insight (and willfulness), then it makes an easy trine to Neptune on the 25th, inviting the potential greater compassion, idealization and understanding, and possibly a bit of fantasy, illusion and excess, but also intuition, flow and ease.  Mercury in its retrograde phase makes its 2nd of three conjunctions to Saturn – lather, rinse, repeat.  Concentration, focus, and maybe some worry and concern about limitations.   Mars makes a powerful trine to Pluto on the 31st – let’s hope there aren’t problems or violence on Halloween.   It’s not necessarily likely, but possible.  And Uranus and Pluto are tightening to their next exact square the following day.  

This October is pretty turbulent.   As always when such is the case, there are wonderful opportunities for growth and increased consciousness if we see and work with them with a sense of acceptance, courage and humility, and grace.   It’s going to be a difficult ride for many, but not all.   Great gains can be made – much can be resolved and accomplished.   Many are continuing to clear and release old patterns, and those that are still trying to resist may get some rather explosive ‘encouragement.’   

Again, it is so important to take time for rest and renewal, for contemplation, centering, and focusing from your higher knowing on where you are, what you need, what you want to offer, and how to set your focus and intent to achieve these things.   Who is there to offer you support, and who can you reach out to, to offer your support?  It helps us to find those of like mind and heart, those who see and support you in your highest expression, and to work together.   Release any remaining fear if you can, have compassion while respecting and maintaining boundaries, and allowing others their path and their right to be.   It can be very hard sometimes when our loving heart may want to help someone, but our higher knowing can understand that may not be what is best.   Learn to attune to your higher Self and listen and act from there with wisdom and discernment.   This will be important when things move beyond our understanding and comfort level.   Our inner wisdom will know what to do, when to act, and when to hold back.  

There continue to be radical shifts in the universe and the world around us that we are experiencing and feeling.  So many are challenged in understanding and knowing how to respond.  Many are still ‘wobbling,’ and feeling unstable.  Again, seek what helps you to release resistance, and Open further and deeper to ground within yourself.  Remember that your experience is unique to you – do not expect to be able to generalize or assume others have the same needs, perception, or experience, as their consciousness and path is different.   Respect the ways and free will of others without judgment. 

As always, stay connected and attuned to Source.   Listen deeply.  Be in grace, gratitude and compassion, acceptance and awareness, peace, gentle kindness, and radiant joy, humility and strength.  Rest as much as you need to for renewal and integration.  Meditate, create, be playful and in the rich wonder of beginner’s mind.  Allow, embrace and move inward and forward on your path… things are possible that never were before.  If you can, listen to the stars, the wind, to animals, rocks and plants – they have much wisdom to share to those who are receptive.   Explore!   But look both ways before crossing, eh? 

Take time to Listen, Breathe…  Be.   

As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.  

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