I am post vacation. I went to Seattle to see friends and refresh myself. Getting out of routine opens us, it gives us a chance to see what other people are doing. When I travel to other places, I love to learn about culture, religion and people. Years ago, while in Costa Rica I stood in line at a bank and waited. There were adults, elderly people and children all around me, all standing very still. In America we wiggle, text, complain and do all kinds of
things to stave boredom. Acting American made me stand out and feel uneasy, so I studied the energy and thought, “They are so grounded.” (Grounded!)

Grounding and patience, worthy aspirations. So I tried it. I put both feet on the floor and filled my body. Filled my body. Does that sound familiar? It may not; Lightworkers are notorious for being lofty, airy or spaced out. Or we journey; past lives, future, wants, anything to avoid the moment.

As I became fully aware of me, my surroundings and what I was doing, I began to feel something unexpected. I didn’t feel bored, anxious for the next adventure, aggravated about time slipping away, in fact–I lost a few thoughts. I felt present, and happy. Happy!
Without thoughts of the things I wanted to do after my bank visit, I felt the moment. I felt peaceful beings around me, waiting for the next thing, but present in the current thing, which was… waiting. I engaged in the waiting. I didn’t move my feet, wiggle or stretch. I relaxed.

In that moment, I anchored into a foreign country, below the Equator. My energy sensitivity, which I usually protect, felt safe and that resulted in… happiness. By grounding into the current, I felt happy. Isn’t that interesting? Isn’t that challenging? Still, twelve years later, I find opportunity to ground into the moment. I find myself hurrying, wanting and completely ignoring the present moment. Then I think of that bank in Alajuala, Costa Rica, where the locals stand still.



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