As light workers we absorb a lot of energy, & often energy invades our Energy Field. I am learning that as my abilities develop some time’s I need to find new ways to clear the excess energy & debris I collect.


First of all is Hydration, we need to drink a lot more water than normal, because we process more thoughts, energy, & information than most people. Taking 3 or 4 minutes a few times each day to drink H2O can & does help us to clear toxic excess from our bodies.

Second is calling the light, we all have protective practices we use to shield
us from excess energies. Call a ring/vale/bubble of light can really help
shield & release these energies. Blue is great for the psychic & mental areas, Pink for the heart & compassion, Green for healing & energy. White for purity and Angelic purposes.

Protective stone’s worn on the body can help in cleansing and clearing our energy fields. Selenite, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Herkimer Diamonds, Apache Tears, Onyx, Obsidian, & Salt rocks can help in clearing away energy’s from our bodies helping us in our daily work. (Mini Tip; when you get home takes off the stone, laid it in a dish of dry sea salt to cleanse for the next day).

Ringing of a bell, for some reason the vibration & tones of a bell ringing can help clear energies much like a spiritual diuretic lol. I have been known to stand under wind chimes on really stressful days. Also keeping a small bell can work as an energy clearing device, and mood improving technique.

Blowing away the energy, when you need the quick fix close your eyes take a very deep breath & blow out as hard as you can. Repeat 2-3 times letting all energy flow from your core out. Relax for five to ten minutes with your eye’s closed till you feel centered. Envisioning the energy blowing out the cobwebs.

Smudging yourself in times of anger or duress, using a smudge stick of sage (green or white) or Santo Polo wood, Sweet grass, or Copal resin can deeply clear your energy field helping you to find clarity, (Stand in a low ventilated room, away from a fire alarm, lite your smudge of choice combing it from front to back beginning at the top of your head to the tip of your toes).  Placing the Smudge in a fire proof container at your feet allowing the smoke to drift around you. Stretching and loosening your muscles as you go.

A private prayer for Angelic cleansing and protection can be all you need. And last but not least a simple hug from someone can clear your energy and help boost your and the other persons energy’s.

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