‘Special edition’ –
“Dancing with the Stars”
By Janis Page   c2011
These are extraordinary times, and call for extraordinary measures – including writing a spring equinox  ‘special edition’ update!    First, a reminder that the planet of chaos and disruption, but also cosmic consciousness, Uranus entered fiery Aries last week on Friday the 11th – the day of the Japan earthquake, one of the worst five earthquakes in history, now upgraded to 9.1, the resultant tsunami, and the start of the continuing worsening disaster at the nuclear power plant in Japan.   Wow!  There is nothing subtle about that.  

I’ve been studying the charts for a while now, reading what some of my astrologer colleagues are writing, and sit here Friday night before the full Moon tomorrow morning, and this window of time is extraordinary.  

We are currently in a powerful seismic window until at least March 26, though I’d give it at least through the new Moon on April 3rd, where there is the possibility of more radical Earth shifts and extreme weather patterns.    Consider the Pacific rim “ring of fire,” indeed!    There have been a series of destructive earthquakes progressing around this Pacific rim recently, starting with the 8.8 quake in Chile on Feb. 27, 2010, and in the more immediate past, the 6.3 quake in Christchurch, New Zealand on Feb. 22, 2011, and now the Japanese 9.1 quake on March 11, 2011.   I can’t help but notice those master numbers in those last two dates…  and while there has been tragedy, people are showing up in compassion and camaraderie to help each other.   If the circular progression continues, North America may be next for a bit of Earth dancing, as she clears, discharges and rebalances energy in her rebirthing process.    Many are working to ease the energies, we’re ok.  

We may see some activity by the time you read this…  This full Moon in the morning is a “supermoon”  when the Moon is at her perigee, or closest distance from the Earth.   This is the strongest, closest supermoon that we’ve had in about 18-20 years, and the closest we will have until 2016.   What I wrote in part at the start of the month:

The full Moon at just under 29 degrees of Virgo falls on Saturday, March 19, at 11:11 am.  (more master numbers!)  The full Moon is conjunct the asteroids Atlantis, bringing a potential sense of ‘impending doom,’ water disasters, and issues of confidentiality and ethics; Terpsichore, about dance, grace and flexibility, body language; and Nemesis, relating to scapegoating, Achilles heel, seeking to place blame.   This complex mix of energies opposes the Sun at the end of Pisces, conjunct Black Moon Lilith, calling for working with the shadow – what do you not see within yourself, that you may repress and then project?  The Sun and BML are also conjunct Uranus, so a lot is going to blow open.    But even this isn’t all… the opposition makes an exact square to the nodes of the Moon, bringing in emotion (as if the full Moon isn’t enough for that) and impact on the collective level.   The south node of the past and karma is conjunct the uranian transneptunian Hades, which squares the full Moon axis to the exact minute.  Whew!   We are called to break down old structures and belief systems that no longer serve us, and at times we may feel like the ground is eroding away right under our feet.   Out in space there are black holes, quasars, and other space phenomena, including several ‘blazers,’ which emit electromagnetic impulses.   There is one at 28 Gemini, where Hades is sitting, called the Blazer Machine (no, it isn’t a sewing device)   The Moon was at this same degree conjunct the Blazer Machine during 9/11, the Asian tsunami, and the eruption of Krakatoa – hopefully we will not see an event of this destructive magnitude, but do note how powerful this full Moon is… 
Then the next day, Sunday, March 20 is the spring equinox, when the Sun enters Aries and conjuncts Uranus at zero degrees, exactly on the universal/Aries axis.    Clustered with them on the 90 degree dial are Black Moon Lilith (shadow), Hades (breakdown at the end of cycles, purification or putrification, essential authenticity) and at the square, the Moon’s nodes.    For Denver, the ascendant is also on the Aries axis – for Washington, DC, the descendent is 1 degree Aries and the midheaven 1 Cancer, so all the angles are part of this major activation.   There is another cardinal cluster here as well – the uranian transneptunian Zeus, Saturn, and the Moon running from 13 to 17 degrees of Libra opposing Jupiter at 12 Aries and Mercury at 18 Aries, opposing watery Neptune across the dial, to add the possibility of water crises, some confusion, but also compassion and awareness.    Add powerful Pluto at the midpoint of the two cardinal clusters on the dial, and we can see great transformation, more revolution, including revolution in consciousness.    These planetary pictures can manifest in many layers, on many levels.  Take the high road to a rocket-boost evolution in consciousness!    Though at best, it’s not likely to be very comfortable.  

While many consider the winter solstice/Capricorn ingress chart the universal chart for the following year, some consider the spring equinox/Aries ingress to be the significator chart for the year.    At the least, it will define the three months until the summer solstice.    I would say that we could expect massive change in our country over the next three months, if not over this weekend!    Things have been so intense for so long, at least we’ve been in training and know how to roll with it, right?  

We don’t get a break then, either… the upcoming new Moon chart for April 3rd promises to be every bit as intense, volatile, magical and powerful, with a cardinal cluster of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Zeus and Saturn, and another cardinal cluster of now Mars conjunct Uranus and Black Moon Lilith, still with Pluto at the midpoint.    Wow!    And as we had Uranus enter Aries early this month, the day after the April new Moon, giant watery Neptune will enter its own sign of Pisces.   It feels as if the island we’ve been standing on is awakening, and we’re finding ourselves on the back of a giant whale starting to move…  or somethin’ like that!    Check back at the start of April for more on the Big Events next month.
In the meantime, be aware, take heart, consider and refine your priorities, stay in joy, gratitude, trust, acceptance, and creativity, and have a very blessed full Moon and spring equinox.    Now the balance shifts, and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, the light surpasses the dark.   That is happening on other important levels, as well…  There is much to celebrate!      
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