Beautification of Self begins with the “inner self.” Bringing oneself into a place of recognizing that one is worthy of receiving the best that one has to bring into their experience; this is key to ones happiness and joy. What is created within the mind and energetically put out is vibrationally drawn to one. You are such powerful beings, able to manifest exactly what you have in your lives, be it in contrast (negative) or in expansion (positive). There are many  that are going through the tsunami of relationships. Emotions are running high, those that do not resonate within your vibration will choose to leave and those that vibrate within your level will be attracted, coming into the manifestation process within your experiences.

The energy grid that is surrounding the earth is intensifying, glowing brighter and stronger, as those on the earth are coming into a place of change and love after the major earth changes and shifts. Know that this is a process of expansion and healing…the re-calibration of life and energy…lives as one see in the physical do not end in the energetic. Work is continued from the other side of the veil, on a more powerful level, assisting those that remain on the earth-plane, to continue the work that is part of their requested experience until they come into a place of transition.

Calling all light workers into awareness is essential at this time. Answer the phone!

With love and light, know that we love you very much.~Nick 4/13/11

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