Selenite Crystals

Raising Your Vibration with Selenite Crystals

One effective means of maintaining mental and physical wellness today is through utilizing natural healing stones. Selenite is one of the more popular ones available! That’s because this translucent crystal is known for its highly spiritual and beneficial energetic qualities. And since it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including small and large sticks, wands, and eggs; as well as bowls, moons, and hearts, Selenite is a wonderful choice for gifting. 

Selenite Chakra Stick

Selenite, a type of gypsum, has long been associated with the moon due to its pearly white color and ethereal glow. Aside from being naturally beautiful, Selenite also boasts healing properties including stress reduction, spiritual development, and mental clarity. Let’s explore the advantages associated with Selenite and how you can integrate Selenite into your daily life; as well as any possible risks involved with Selenite stones.

Selenite is an exceptional crystal that everyone should incorporate into their collection, thanks to its beauty, unique physical properties, and affordability. Regardless of your knowledge or level of experience in natural healing stones or crystal healing stones, one thing remains undeniable, Selenite's powerful energy brings joyous energy into any room it occupies. It is ideal for overall well-being and inner peace. No matter if it be meditation, feng shui, spiritual healing or simply as decorative piece in your home - Selenite offers immense benefits and radiates positive energy from its crystalline structure.

Selenite is recognized for its ability to cleanse energy while increasing intuition, clarity, and focus.

Selenite can also serve as an incredible emotional healing and forgiveness aid, encouraging self-awareness, self-love, and compassion towards others. Furthermore, its gentle yet potency energy may help alleviate anxiety, depression, or any other negative emotions so you can live an abundant and joyful life.
Orange Selenite

Selenite crystals provides hope and calm in today's stressful, uncertain, and often challenging world. 

This is one of the universally popular stones, meaning few people do not enjoy selenite and its harmonious energy. Cautions include not using selenite with an open flame which could release toxic gases. You should also keep it out of water for long periods of time, because it can be reduced to a powder. I have one sitting on my kitchen counter by the dish drainer and it does fine if I periodically wipe up any standing water close by.

Selenite likes to be “moon blessed” as it has a special connection to the moon.

Placing in the sun should be limited because long exposure can fade the stone. With its naturally clearing abilities, you will not need to utilize either the moon or the sun to keep this beauty in top condition!

Suggestions for Selenite Crystals use:

  • Terrific for a beginner’s collection because of its purity and how easy it is to connect with
  • Promotes peace, is very calming; stimulates mental clarity and well-being.
  • Selenite sticks – large and small – can be added to each room to help us open to higher frequencies and messages from the Universe.
  • Use the sticks to lay jewelry on or draped your jewelry across it for clearing each night.
  • Selenite itself does not require cleansing or charging.
  • Selenite wands can help conduct energy.
  • Some report it helps align the spine and improve flexibility.
  • Helps with judgment . . . by encouraging insight.
  • Many find this stone very soothing. Selenite crystals can help shift energy blocks, build trust and assurance.
  • It can be good for those struggling with sadness, depression, or negative thoughts.
  • Traditionally selenite is connected to the goddess Selene and the moon, so it is a sensational stone to add to ceremonies and rituals.

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