Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

When it comes to crystal healing, I have been called a Crystologist, Crystal Queen and a “crystal expert” but I prefer my self-dubbed nickname, “The Stone Crone.”  For many decades, I have been working with crystals and stones in a creative, intuitive and healing capacity.  Through my work on myself and with others, I have embodied a deep reverence and appreciation for the healing energies that are transmitted through crystals.  I have seen and felt first hand the profound effects they can have on people, animals and even plants. 

How is it that crystals hold energy and power?

Mother Earth Gaia

The Earth herself is a powerful, divine being.  She carries ancient wisdom, healing energy and a deep, grounded love. Gaia is the provider of all and the creative expression of incomparable natural wonders.  Crystals and stones are her creation, formed over millions of years, they are imbued with her energetic gifts as well as with her stunning beauty.  All that is of the earth carries profound energies and is indeed sacred. 

How can crystals assist in healing?

Stones and crystals carry these beautiful, healing energies and act as a conduit that conducts their power toward the body and the energy field of the person that utilizes them.  For instance: 

  • Some stones absorb and release negative energy, clearing our energetic body of blockages and lower vibrations. 
  • Others emit and channel their healing properties toward us, providing boosts of energy that support our individual healing processes. 
  • Some are able to assist with transmuting and harmonizing conflicting or chaotic energies. 
Crystal Healing Session Denver

Practitioners will utilize stones and crystals in many different ways. Some will place certain crystals on parts of the body or create a grid around the body to create a healing energy field. Sometimes the stones are simply worn or carried to keep their energy near or to keep darker energy at bay.  Crystals are also often used in meditative practices to enhance and balance our spiritual energy.  Through meditation we can also infuse our stones with our personal intentions and create power objects that become tools and talismans to keep with us as we do our personal work.   Although each stone and crystal has energies and healing or protective qualities that are widely accepted, it is important that the user resonates with the stones they are working with.

Crystal Healing and Divination with Ky at For Heaven’s Sake

I am honored to offer a few different modalities for working with stones at For Heaven’s Sake!  Here at this wonderful shop, you can also find an abundance of beautiful crystals to purchase and add to your own healing tool box. Need help with that? We can incorporate stone selection into your session or you can trust one of the store's knowledgeable staff to help you! 

Divya Stones: Crystal Divination Readings

Utilizing my gifts as an Intuitive combined with the energy of the crystals and the symbols on my custom divination board, I offer divination readings at the Applewood store two day per week.  You select the crystals for your reading and cast them onto the board and we let the stones speak to us and provide insight and healing guidance.  These are profound readings!

Let’s Get Stoned!

I teach a class on the second Saturday of the month called Let’s Get Stoned!  This is a fun and informative event that is hands on and experiential.  A different theme is chosen each month and we learn about the crystals and stones that can support our personal work in that area as well as ways to use them. 

Intention and Mala Making Workshops

A few times per year I offer an Intention and Mala Making Workshop at the store.  These are profound events that can help you to anchor your intentions, release blockages and create a gemstone bead mala (prayer beads) that you will then carry forward and use as a tool to keep you on track and focused on the energy you want to cultivate in your life.  You select the stone or crystal you want for your mala beads! 

Crystal Healing and Clearing and Chakra Balancing Crystal Sessions

I am now offering crystal healing sessions!  You will lay on a massage table and crystals will be placed on key energy points on and around your body.  You will experience a guided visualization/meditation to work with the energies of the stones to heal and clear energies you are carrying.  You can also choose a chakra balancing and clearing session to restore balance to your body and energy field and to open you to the flow of divine energy. 

Crystal Healing Expert Denver Colorado

There are so many ways to incorporate the healing powers of crystals into your life and personal practices.  Once you begin to really feel into the support the stones can offer you, you will open to a whole world of healing and manifestation potential!  I adore stones and cannot wait to share more with you.  Please join me at For Heaven’s Sake in whatever capacity serves you and let’s create some crystal magic together!  - Ky Gabriel “The Stone Crone”

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