Psychic, Tarot and Astrology Readings in Denver

One Easy Way to Sample a Rainbow of Psychic Readers! Our 15-Minute Fridays and 30-Minute Thursdays allow you to sample psychic, tarot and astrology readings in Denver for only $20 per session! 

Are you thinking about getting a psychic reading but not sure who to go to? For Heaven’s Sake Metaphysical Bookstore & Events has a rainbow of readers . . . and is offering a Summer Special Event series to provide you with an opportunity to sample one or more of our 15 fabulous readers at a special event pricing.

Choose from our 15-Minute Fridays 4pm-7pm, $20 readings or our 30-Minute Thursdays for a $40 reading, 4pm-7pm. Please note that readers rotate at these events, so you can attend one or all of them to take advantage of testing one of the many colors in our stunning rainbow of readers.

  • Amista Bennett: Psychic Tarot Reader, Reiki Master
  • Dawn Barker: Astrologer, Channel, Medium, Finding Lost Things, Dream Interpreter
  • Donna DeNomme: Psychic Tarot, Visionary Intuitive, FHS Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Healer
  • L. Alexandra: Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, Astrology, Clearings, Cleansing, Energetic Boundaries
  • Deanna Gloyd: Dowser, Spiritual Response Therapy, Akashic Records, Psychic Medium
  • Ky Gabriel: Divya Stones Crustal Casting Divination, Spiritual Counseling, Crystal Healing
  • Diane Maria: Telepathic, Empathic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Channel/Reader
  • Barb Crowley: Past Lives, Medium, Medical Intuitive, Pet Psychic (unavailable in July)
  • Melodie Matice: Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive, Life Mentor, Light Body Energy Worker
  • Elisa Brossard: Aura Readings and Clearings
  • Chantae Shor: Advanced Reiki Practitioner
  • Becky Swenson: Advanced Reiki Practitioner, FHS Yoga Instructor
  • Carlos R. Tovar: Physical Body Energy Reader, Dowser, Medical Intuitive
  • Heather Kokx: Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing
  • Mavis Salazar: 5D Healing, Intuitive, Energy Healing (unavailable in July)
Psychic, Tarot and Astrology Readings in Denver

On Friday, June 23rd, at our Applewood Location
2680 Youngfield Street Lakewood

Our 15-minute Friday from 4pm-7pm
where you can sample one or several readers for 15-minute $20 readings!!
We will repeat this special event on July 28th 4pm-7pm.



Psychic Readings in Denver Colorado

We will also have our 30-minute Thursday on July 27th from 4pm-7pm for a little deeper sampling – 30-minute readings for $40! Applewood Location

Please note that these are special Summer events and will not be offered ongoing. So come for our psychic reader rainbow sampling soon! It’s a great way to get a mini reading . . .and identify the reader(s) you want to see for a more in-depth session.

We look forward to seeing you! Call the Applewood store with questions: 303-284-3470



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