powerful-benefits-of-wearing-crystal-jewelryJewelry has been a part of the human civilization since the ancient times. During those times, people wear jewelry to display one’s social status. Some would even adore themselves with jewelries to appear more attractive and attract the gaze of a man. Over the years, the meaning and uses of jewelries have changed.

Today, jewelries are also used to make a statement and for self expression. Some people, especially those who wear crystal jewelries, wear them not just for their looks, but for their healing properties as well. Others even use them to attract love, wealth, health or for protection.

Crystal jewelries come in many forms, usually as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants. Here’s how you can benefit from wearing them.

Stones worn on the right side of the body may help with projective matters and outside issues. Meanwhile, stones worn on the left side of the body may aid with receiving energies. Put on the bracelet on your left wrist to send healing energies through your body. Wear it on your right wrist to release toxins from the body. To balance and energize the body, wear it on both wrists.

Pendant is one of the common ways of wearing crystal jewelry. The length of the chain will help you achieve your desired outcome. Wearing the pendant near the heart will have the greatest effect on areas governed by the Heart Chakra – matters of love and compassion. A stone that is resting at the Throat Chakra may aid the wearer’s communication and creativity. A stone placed between the throat and the heart will help define your space and needs.

Wearing a crystal necklace is a great way to maximize the powerful energies of the crystal. When you wear the necklace around your neck, it nourishes and uplifts all aspects of your being. The energies radiate in all directions, penetrating your aura and body. They also neutralize energy blockages that lead to ill health and limit personal growth.

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