candle-colors-and-their-meaningCandles have been used for metaphysical purposes, candle healing and religion for as long as fire has been around.

Burning candles, when combined with prayers and intentions, can have a profound influence in your life. But since different colors tend to provide different effects on our actions, thoughts and health, color choice is of great importance when burning candles.

This blog post provides a quick reference to help you determine which color to use to improve certain aspects of your life. Here’s a list of candle colors, along with the meaning associated with each color.

Gold represents success, money, protection and victory over troubles. It is the very symbol of good fortune. Those who light a gold candle are seeking to gain fortune or personal power.

Gold also symbolizes light in its purest form. Some people burn a gold candle to achieve enlightenment.

Ancient wisdom holds that the color purple is associated with spiritual powers, idealism and psychic ability. Individuals, who supplicate in the presence of a purple candle wish to obtain spiritual protection, enhance psychic powers and expand upon what they already have.

Purple candles are also believed to have the power to cancel out the negative effects of bad karma.

Green represents good luck, fertility, abundance and success. During the ancient times, people tend to associate wealth with a bountiful harvest; hence, the color green. Light a green candle for more abundance and prosperity in your life.

Yellow embodies learning, logic, concentration, inspiration or creativity. It is also good for meditation and mental clarity. This is a great candle to use if you want to attract positivity and knowledge into your life.

Red symbolizes love, passion, scorn, power, desire, lust and vitality. The burning of red candles is said to put one in touch with the power of the flesh. The user who burns a red candle seeks survival, power, respect and love.

White candles are great for getting in touch with your higher power and attracting positive energy into your life. This is also a great candle for purification, protection, peace and destroying negative influences.

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