November Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars”

By Janis Page   c2011

After the inward spiraling intensity of October, November rolls in with the intense Scorpio stellium with planets Sun, Mercury, and Venus, and major relationship asteroid Juno, and spiritual uranian transneptunian Poseidon still with us, but ready to release into greater expansion and exploration of possibilities very quickly.  Whew!   November brings a few reversals and turn-arounds, and dare I say it?  More activation.   Have you been doing your work in introspection, and realignment of your relationships, values, direction and purpose for this next phase in this dynamic collective transformation?

Let’s extract part of that for further consideration.  November begins with mind-based Mercury tightly aligned with heart/value/relationship-based Venus at the end of Scorpio tightly square idealistic Neptune, which is slowing in late Aquarius ready to end its retrograde phase to turn forward to move into its own sign of Pisces after the start of the year.  The Neptune square greatly ameliorates the intensity of these two planets who reside between our own Mother Earth and Father Sun.   Are your mind and heart properly aligned with these two Cosmic Parents to be true to your own path and values, yet also in harmony and resonance with the Earth’s rapid evolution toward Unity Consciousness that Neptune calls for?   The times they are a changin,’ indeed.   Both inner planets move into expansive, freedom-seeking Sagittarius on November 2nd.   Enough compression, now the question is how can we consider the big picture and expand into it in a way that serves our freedom in service to and harmony with the world, and communicate that effectively?

If my calendar is right, daylight savings time ends on the 6th – we get an extra hour, clockwise anyway – just before a slight ego-adjustment (ahem!) on the 7th when the personal drive and expression of Mars in creative, attention-seeking Leo faces off against Neptune, then stationary before turning direct.   Are you tired from all the effort, or inspired to continue your upward evolutionary spiral, or maybe a bit of both??   The tides are turning; ride them consciously, and well!

On the 10th, the day of the full Moon in Taurus facing to receive the light and life of the Sun in Scorpio, Mars leaves prideful Leo to enter service and detail-oriented Virgo, ready to get to the nitty-gritty of getting the work planned and done.   This is helpful, because there is a lot going on with this full Moon, as the Moon is conjunct very far outlying Sedna and uranian transneptunian Admetos, both of which are so slow, deep, transformational and intense that they make Saturn look perky.   Sedna, named for an Inuit underseas shamanic goddess, demands unselfishness and a spiritual approach, without which can bring a victim-consciousness, which is never useful or helpful.  Admetos is so slow a keyword is stagnation, though it has great intensity which is inwardly directed as compression – it is slow, but is what turns coal to diamonds.   The Sun/Moon midpoints activated include expansive, idealistic Jupiter/Neptune, service-oriented Neptune/Vesta, spiritually focused and committed Admetos/Poseidon, deeply intense, purging Mars/Sedna, and transforming, purifying or putrifying Pluto/Hades, as well as activating Mercury, Venus, psychic/empathic Psyche, beginner’s mind Apollo, shadow-related Black Moon Lilith, and powerful, intense Vulcanus.   It’s a good time to go even deeper, to purge any old patterns or charged emotional memories that could drag you down and limit your ability to surrender to spirit and move forward into the magical unknown.   For many, this might involve delving into old family patterns to reveal and release them, for your own liberation, but also for your ancestors and children, plucking the ancestral ash string of continuity, so to speak.

Many are anticipating 11/11/11, with the rhythm of the master number 11 repeated.  Really, it’s just an anomaly of the western calendar, which most of the world is not on (this is Chinese year of the Rabbit lunar year 4709, as one alternative)   Yet the energy directed to the date can give it more importance, so a check to see what is happening of astrological significance, if anything, is worthwhile, and does strike some pay dirt.   Mars now in Virgo begins a grand Earth trine in early degrees to Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, a very powerful trine for manifestation and success.   This is further enhanced into a kite pattern with Mars closely opposing bridging, ‘wounded-healer’ Chiron at zero degree Pisces.   What has or is breaking your smaller, ego heart open to the possibility of greater, compassionate heart?   Here is another call to rise up above past, limiting victim-consciousness, to use past lessons and challenges to grow roots, to be better able to ascend to greater heights.  It is for good reason that the tree is a symbol of individuation, as its branches can only grow up and out as far as its roots go down and in.  Makes sense, yes?  Yet many resist and fear doing ‘roots’ work, but it is not only immensely satisfying, it’s necessary.  And the progression of aspects in November drives that home time and again.   Get out of your comfort zone (it’s being pulled out from under you anyway, if you haven’t noticed!!)  Go deep.  And have fun with it!

We then get a week of relative ease and space for integration (you’re welcome!) before another lively four days the following week.   First, the Sun exits intense Scorpio on the 22nd to join Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, just in time for both of them to change their minds and direction about it, as Mercury starts its 3rd and final retrograde phase on the 23rd, which will have the little speedster in the sign into early 2012.   Mercury Rx is a good time to finish up old projects, to reassess and revise thinking and doing, and not always as useful for communications and technology.

So Mercury essentially stops and turns on his winged heels the same day that the Sun trines Uranus for great intuitive insights and innovative breakthroughs and Mars trines Pluto for powerful transformation – just don’t force your will over others or otherwise abuse power, please!

All of this the day just before the new Moon solar eclipse at 2 degrees of Sagittarius, on Thanksgiving.   There might be some lively conversations around the Thanksgiving dinner table…  The Sun and Moon make a sparky trine to Uranus in Aries, and a challenging t-square Mars in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces.    The solar eclipse  also forms a ‘finger of God’ yod pattern, making a challenging 150 degree inconjunct to Jupiter in  Taurus sextile uranian transneptunians Hades and Kronos in Cancer.   How can we find freedom of expression and being in balance with security issues and be optimistic about it, and what’s up with those in leadership and authority?    That is a lot of activation for an eclipse, and note that when they aspect your chart, the effects of eclipses can kick in early, weeks before the eclipse, and can be activated for months afterward, too.    Venus enters practical, earthy Capricorn on the 26th, entering the sign with an electric and flirty square to Uranus followed by a beneficial, positive trine to Jupiter the following day.

So, November is a powerful month, with much to further speed us along our path in this time of astonishingly rapid Earth evolution.   The times truly are extraordinary, and will only continue to intensify and speed toward the radical Earth transition and transformation that is happening, which, it is said, is unprecedented anywhere, anytime.  It is an honor and a privilege to be here, which is why it’s standing-room-only on the planet, as much as it sometimes seems impossibly hard and an annoyance.  It is helpful to remember and to connect to Mother Earth and Father Sun with love and gratitude for support – they are our spiritual parents, providing all life for us on this lovely planet – and they can help us through this time.   As Drunvalo Melchizedek recently said, ‘Right now, the Earth is the most important grain of sand on the beach.’

Again, be fearless and move inward and forward into unity consciousness with love, compassion and gratitude.  Continue to dance with the wonder and magic of it all, evolving, allowing and loving.   What a ride!   In lakesh – ‘I am you.’   Heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all!    Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at

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