I would rather risk the fall than die not knowing

Oftentimes people ask me how I got into this business of owning a metaphysical store.  I certainly didn’t intend it as a small child.  Instead, I kind of grew up into becoming it.  As I became aware of my likes, dislikes, talents and aspirations, I started living my life from this place of passionate abandon and trusting in a love greater than my circumstances would appear.  As Dennis Rodriguez in  THE SUPER HUMAN EFFECT would agree, I couldn’t ignore the urge to be free to express my heart’s desire. And then it happened.  Sort of like reaching a tipping point.  I knew I had to JUMP because I would rather risk the fall than die not knowing.

I’m not telling you to quit your job!  But take small steps toward happiness.  Begin by putting to order all the stray stuff.  And with order comes clarity and focus, faith and personal power!



 Peace, love and endless joy, Dianne Fresquez – Owner, For Heaven’s Sake – New Age Metaphysical Bookstore

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