May Day!  May Day!    Ok, that was pretty dramatic, but not really all that excessive as May starts (and continues) in the triple eclipse sequence that started with the intense lunar full Moon eclipse at 5° 46’ Scorpio on April 25th  with the Sun in Taurus conjunct aggressive Mars, opposing the Moon in emotional and possessive Scorpio conjunct demanding taskmaster Saturn.   The harsh Mars-Saturn clash continues, as May opens with possible frustration, delays and power trips as Mars continues to oppose Saturn (that’s like having one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes)   The Sun makes an empowering trine to Pluto, while Mercury slows things down for more deliberation entering pragmatic Taurus.   There is the potential for breakthroughs in finances and work if you utilize these energies to create a foundation and do the work instead of getting oppositional or falling into ego trips.   Regardless, it’s a pretty dramatic and intense start to the lovely spring month of May… 

Mercury, which relates to our thought processes and communications may be a bit more grounded in Taurus, but wastes no time becoming an active player early in the month making an opportunistic sextile to idealistic Neptune in Pisces on the 3rd (can you believe those sweet nothing promises?), followed by a more grounded challenging opposition to Saturn in suspicious Scorpio as Mars is full open throttle trine to Pluto in diligent Capricorn for strength and perseverance on the 5th.   It would be easy to miss noting that on May 6th, the Sun is conjunct the south node of the Moon at 16° Taurus.   Watch your finances, and there is also the possibility of something past or hidden coming to light about finances or relationships.  If this is active in your chart, maybe someone from your past (or past lives?) may reappear?  

Mercury trines Pluto on the 6th for focused thinking.  On May 7th, Mercury conjuncts impulsive Mars for speed, but also potential accidents and irritation, and also forms a supportive sextile to Chiron.   That is an enormous number of shifts and activations for the little messenger planet in the short time between the April 25th lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse on May 9th.   Beyond Mercury activations, May 7th is a busy and challenging day, as the Sun comes into a visionary, creative 72° quintile (1/5 of the circle) with idealistic Neptune, and there is a frictional and potentially obsessive or possessive contra-parallel between Venus and Pluto.

Venus leaves Taurus to enter friendly Gemini just before the solar new Moon eclipse at 19° Taurus 31’ on May 9th, which is potent with Mercury and Mars joining the Sun and Moon in Taurus, but also somewhat compromised with the lunar south node also conjunct the Taurus planets.   Asteroid Pallas Athena (strategy, wisdom) is tightly conjunct the eclipse, as are asteroids Lilith (triangulations, rivalry, jealousy, rejection), Child, Vulcano (directed force) and Panacea (solutions and resolution).   Add a few degrees to the orb and we also have new ‘dwarf planet’ Sedna (betrayal, abandonment) and uranian transneptunian Admetos (compression, specialization, extremely slow process).   Watch for issues around finances, use of resources, changes (breakdowns or breakthroughs) in relationships, or creativity.

The Sun joins Mercury in Taurus on the 11th, and Venus in curious Gemini makes an enticing sensuous, romantic square to illusory Neptune in Pisces.   Be mindful about making or receiving promises that may be lovely, but might not be kept.   But there is also the potential for great creative inspiration in the arts.   Mercury then enters the speedy little planet’s own sign of loquacious Gemini on May 15th, and squares Neptune on the 18th for more promises that are unlikely to be kept, things that are not ‘as advertised’ or true.   Venus also makes a promising sextile to Uranus on the 18th for sparks, inspiration and fun, so do have fun, but don’t let yourself be distracted and tricked or deceived.

May 20th is significant as the Sun enters Gemini, Mercury (Mercury again!) hits an inspiring sextile to Uranus, but the day is far more notable as the 3rd of seven times from 2012 to 2015 that Uranus makes an exact square to Pluto, which is really the larger trajectory of the cosmic evolutionary shift to unity consciousness and greater spiritual potential and awareness.   Uranus-Pluto aspects are revolution, significant beginnings as well as inevitable endings, turbulence in Earth changes as well as politically and for the economy.   Awareness is key as we deal with issues of inclusivity vs exclusion, polarity vs synthesis and integration, social inequity and injustice vs universal freedom to Be.   It’s a bumpy road to get there as there is much resistance from those still enmeshed in outdated attitudes of the now-obsolete paradigm.  

The final and third eclipse of this spring sequence is the full Moon lunar eclipse at 4° 08’ Sagittarius on May 24th, closely squaring Neptune in Pisces for idealization, spiritual aspiration, but again with some possible confusion or illusion.   Outer planetary body Orcus is also in the mix, relating to depth, also promises or oaths made, and dwarf planet Haumea, seemingly related to the new paradigm and feminine creativity, and the largest asteroid (now classified as a dwarf planet) Ceres, which relates to food, nurturing, mothering, growing things.   What do we seek to learn, to feed ourselves in spirit, mind and body?  

The Sun squares Neptune to test those idealistic waters on May 26th, Mercury aligns in a positive inspiring conjunction with expansive Jupiter on the 27th, and then Venus echoes that conjunction to Jupiter the following day on the 28th.   We may be reeling from all the radical changes, but chances are pretty good that we’ll be feeling pretty good these several days.   Then on the last day of May, Mercury rushes to move out of Gemini into Cancer and Mars moves out of Taurus into Gemini to bring new energies into June.   We’ll get there next month…

May is an extremely chaotic, tricky, turbulent month.   It reminds me of the Fun House at Lakeside amusement park where you try to walk across moving sidewalk panels, or through giant barrels spinning in opposite directions, or sit on a large spinning disc that throws you off through its centrifugal force…   We’re still down the rabbit hole!    

Much is required of us as we strive to maintain center and equilibrium while so many are wobbly in their energy in these unstable times.   There are more power and control issues, deception, manipulation thru ‘charm,’ compulsiveness, secretiveness, defensiveness and paranoia.   Some are acting out based on fear and security issues.   If there are people around you trying to control or manipulate you thru confusion, trickery, attachments or ‘cording,’ maintain your boundaries, and do your best to lovingly send them light while clearing any such attachments.  Not only are you rightly holding sovereignty of your own energy and autonomy, you are compassionately helping those acting out of fear who are trying to abuse to avoid negative karma for doing so.   When things get really challenging or disheartening, remember this is the only planet with chocolate! 

Many are being tested, many are being called to recommit to staying to continue the work of this transition, and there is potential for profound insight and the capacity to make creative changes for positive growth.  It continues to be important to find a balance between emotional intensity and practical common sense.  

Never forget that you have the Right to Be, and to follow your path as you see fit.  Maintain your boundaries, stay grounded and clear while respect the boundaries of others.   Continue to be mindful that this is a time of drastic acceleration in manifestation, and that it is essential to keep your thoughts and feelings as positive and resonant to higher frequencies as you possibly can.  This is a form of service as well as survival, for as your experience and intention expand in a productive, creative way, you also help to lift the energies for others. 

Remember that ultimately, it is your connection and attunement to Source which fills, nurtures, sustains and renews you, and even if it may appear from the outside to be so, you are never alone or unsupported.  Rejoice in that with Gratitude! 

Remember to take essential time to rest, laugh and play, and nurture yourself with quality food and water and time in nature.  This will help to balance our increased attunement and awareness of the collective energies around us.   Continue in mindful awareness and loving detachment and neutrality for greater clarity, capacity, and presence.   

Always, follow your highest path of compassion and heart with gratitude, courage and fearlessness, humility and grace.   Every day offer thanks to our Mother Earth and Father Spirit, who support us unconditionally.   Listen deeply to your inner guidance with presence and patience.   Remember Who you Are, and why you are here…   Breathe, breathe deeply, slowly, release, and Be…   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

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