March comes marching in, or maybe sometimes dancing, spinning, or stomping.   Looking at the lunations, the spring equinox chart and significant transits and aspects for the month, March almost seems to have a strobe effect, or be sort of bipolar.   On!  Off!  Full on!  I generally do not comment on most transiting lunar aspects as there are so many, and the effect is so fleeting since the Moon moves a degree in about two hours.  But there are a number of days that have an overwhelming 7-10 aspects hitting, and several days with nary a fleeting minor lunar transit aspecting anything.  It is reflective of the energies lately, vacillating between times of full on intensity and challenge, with times in between, if we can notice them and take a much needed break, even if only for a moment.   The year continues to be a wild ride down the rabbit hole that continues to intensify.   At least it might be starting to be a bit more discernible what some of the implications might be of the new energy shifts as they ripen.   Maybe.  

Then again, with the month opening with six planets in Pisces (I’m including Chiron, because Chiron’s influence in all this is significant) we are wide open on a feeling level, more empathic, more confused and distracted, more energetically dilated, more tired, with the potential for more compassion.   Many are finding their intuitive and psychic gifts opening and growing faster than a bamboo plant!  (did you know that under optimal conditions, bamboo can grow 3-4 feet in a day?)   Along with this rapid intuitive opening comes the need for much better grounding, filters, and boundaries.    Thoughts are manifesting so rapidly it’s astonishing, and also, things can spin out of control into dangerous territory fast if we don’t watch it.   We’re needing to learn to be far better about keeping our thoughts and feelings positive and clear because when we don’t, the implications, damage and hurt feelings can be immediate.  It’s sort of like potty training on the next highest level…

March begins with the Sun in Pisces forming positive and stabilizing aspects to the ongoing Saturn-Pluto sextile, with a trine to Saturn and sextile to Pluto.   With so many placements in Pisces, this can be a stabilizing and relieving reality check.   On the 4th, the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde (Rx) in Pisces while the Moon in Sagittarius squares them both.   There may be some confusion in communications, and the potential for well-meaning but blunt words to cause some hurt feelings, but some might just want to indulge and party with no limitations.  This possibility is increased by Venus squaring Jupiter the same day, bringing an urging to excess.   Not the easiest day to stay on a budget or diet, as the goodies beckon…

March 6th is one of the excruciatingly active days, as Venus sextiles Pluto and trines Saturn (these transits can be positive professionally, and good for the economy), while Mercury Rx conjuncts Venus and trines Saturn, giving a chance for a re-do and correction, while over the course of the day the Moon in pragmatic Capricorn squares Uranus, sextiles Venus, conjuncts and occults Pluto, sextiles Saturn then Mercury then the Sun.    There is intensity and just so much busy activity; it’s a bit like juggling while taking advantage of some good opportunities.  Good luck making the best of the day!  

In the very early hours of the next morning, Mercury forms a potentially insightful sextile to powerful Pluto, as the next morning the Saturn Pluto sextile is exact.   The aspect is so tight all month, we’re not likely to notice this much, but it’s duly noted… Please also duly note that Daylight Savings Time (ugh!) starts on Sunday, March 10th. 

When you’re that hour short of sleep, the Moon in Pisces joins the Sun for the new Moon at 21° Pisces on March 11th, and the watery pileup reaches an astounding seven planets, including Chiron, with the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Mercury (Rx), Venus and Mars in the elusive, dreamy sign.  Wow.   The potential ranges wildly from confusion, dispersion and leakage of energy, deception, art and inspiration, heightened intuition and psychic capacities, spiritual attunement and compassion.  With Jupiter in Gemini squaring several of the earlier degree planets, and Saturn squaring and Pluto sextiling those same earlier degree planets – not including the Sun and Moon – there is added extremism and ambition.  But then right after midnight (Mountain Standard Time) the red planet Mars makes a break for it out of the watery sign, which is not the easiest placement for Mars, happily charging into his own fiery sign of Aries, as the first of four planets to exit Pisces into ‘ready, fire, aim!’ Aries this month.   The Moon follows a few hours later.  

Mercury is not one to leave Pisces this month, but the messenger planet does turn direct on March 17th.   Happy St. Patrick’s Day!   Remember it takes a few days for the little planet to gain any momentum and the times around its station are the trickiest, so if you are out drinking green beer over the weekend, please be careful, and have a designated non-drinking driver.      

Spring equinox is March 20th, as the Sun enters Aries, and the daylight hours equal, then surpass the dark hours of the night.  The light is increasing, and in more than one way.  This is another ‘new year’ chart, and wow, what a volatile and complex chart it is!    The Sun makes a tight square to uranian transneptunian (TNP) Hades, activating further breakdown of past patterns.   They make a minor hard aspect to Pluto, adding power and drive, and Pluto is very tightly conjunct the asteroid Bacchus, which relates to addiction and emotional dishonesty – watch for more situations of the breakdown of abuse of power and addiction to power.   Mars is closely conjunct Uranus in Aries, a very volatile and impatient combination of planetary energies.   They make a tight square to Moon in her own sensitive sign of Cancer, adding emotional reactions and issues around home and security needs.  Pluto opposing the Moon forms an intense t-square to Mars and Uranus.  There is a likelihood of power trips, hair-trigger impatience and reactions, and possibly violence.   There is also a double ‘yod’ or ‘finger of god’ configuration, with Mars-Uranus sextile Jupiter, both a challenging 150° inconjunct to Scorpio Saturn conjunct TNP Poseidon, adding a spiritual and/or religious component to the taskmaster Saturn.   Overlapping, the second yod has Saturn and Poseidon sextile Pluto, both tightly inconjunct exuberant Jupiter.   These yod patterns call for adjustment, change, consciousness.   Then add an emotional grand trine in water, with Saturn-Poseidon in Scorpio trine Chiron-Mercury-Neptune in Pisces trine the Moon conjunct TNP Kronos (authority, leadership) in Cancer.   Emotions run deep and strong with that one, serious, but possibly idealistic or elusive, and security minded.  

There is SO much going on here… challenges, emotion, upheaval, transformation, breakthrough, a call to consciousness.   And this equinox chart is not only the chart for the following spring months, it may also be a follow-up activation chart from the pivotal, dimensional shifting December 21, 2012/winter solstice/ Capricorn ingress chart.    You might be sorely tempted to see if you’ve got any more of that green beer, but you might do better to check in with yourself, to see where you can take advantage of the spiritual enhancements (or explosions), to see where former fear and security issues are limiting you and release them.  Consider (the word ‘consider’ means ‘with the stars’!) how you can further open to unity consciousness, compassion, and awareness.   It’s a good time to meditate, to see how you are progressing with the seeds of intention that you set at the winter solstice, if you did, and perhaps set new intentions to further you on your spiritual evolutionary path now.   Remember, things are possible now that were not accessible or possible more than three months ago.   Remember too that sometimes playing it safe can be the most dangerous thing you can do.   Attune to your higher Self, your Essence, and expand with joy and gratitude.  

The following day, March 21st, Venus leaves Pisces, where she’s really quite happy, and says me too! and joins the ranks in Aries.  Let’s go!   Mars and Uranus make their exact conjunction on the 22nd, another day with a half dozen lunar transiting aspects to keep the flow and action flying… 

March 26th has Mars sextile Jupiter and squaring Pluto – two intense aspects that can indicate luck, possible overreach, and a potentially violent conflict of power.   This is the day before the full Moon. 

The full Moon chart on March 27th is another powerful one, with the Moon at 7° Libra opposing the Sun conjunct Venus, Uranus and Mars in Aries.   A full cardinal grand square is there with these Aries-Libra planets squared by TNPs Hades and Kronos (authority, leadership) in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn (do you notice how Pluto never takes a break to bow out for a minute??)   Cardinal signs call for action.   Four planets in impulsive and impatient Aries demand action, especially when Mars, Uranus and the Sun are among those Aries planets.   Watch for strong ego drive… but the counterbalancing Libra Moon calls for grace, diplomacy, and negotiation.   A Libra can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you look forward to the trip.  Part of the key to this gracious presentation is the neutrality that Libra has.   Libra is the only sign personified by an inanimate object – the Scales.   All the other signs are personified by living, breathing animals and people.   Neutrality is key – it is not passive and not indifferent, it is just not emotionally enmeshed, so there is the possibility for cool clarity.   Can you have this balance with all that fiery Aries?   You’re more likely to get your way if you can, and if ‘getting your way’ means the greatest success for everyone.   Altruism, my lovelies… that which is best for all, self included.   This is unity consciousness at work. 

The last day of the month is Easter, and it’s another extreme, hyperactive, volatile day.   Venus squares Pluto, potentially obsessive, possessive and power driven, Venus sextiles Jupiter, which is much more playful and social, and the Sun also squares Pluto for more possible battle of the wills.  Or won’ts.   Woven through and around these aspects, the Moon in freewheeling Sagittarius squares Neptune, trines Uranus then the Sun, opposes Jupiter, trines Venus, squares Mercury and then goes void of course with a last aspect a fast-flowing trine to Mars.   There’s a lot of razzle-dazzle, shuckin’ and jivin’ in all that.   Happy Easter, happy March, happy spring….    

There is still anxiety and fatigue, and for many, the energy reserves needed to protect and buffer us from outside influences and pressure is depleted.  Connect to source energy for renewal, and take time to rest.   Much is falling away, as much that is new arises. There is great uncertainty, turmoil, volatility and tension in the world and in the lives of many around us.   Many are in fear and denial, or don’t know how to let go of their resistance to evolve, and more are falling or shattering.   The shifts that have happened are getting stronger and clearer, as the veils continue to thin and diminish.   Still, we are feeling the collective (un)consciousness and world pain as it struggles to transform.   We do better to get out of our own way, and trust our heart-knowing.  Stay clear and gently heart-centered and grounded, remember mindful awareness and loving detachment and neutrality, while maintaining healthy boundaries.  

Remember we are co-creating a new world of unity consciousness and higher awareness, and so we are more attuned to the collective energies around us.   It’s of great importance to keep your conscious focus at a higher vibrational frequency and resonance.   Your experience will be more gratifying and useful in a productive, creative way, while also serving to lift the energies for those around you as well.  Our responsibility and ability to respond are increasing. 

As always, stay in compassionate heart, with gratitude, mindful awareness, with courage and humility, fearlessness and grace.   It’s a new world we explore with gentle, curious eyes.  So many are lost, ungrounded and confused, and possibly acting or reacting out of fear.  Remember they are doing the best they can, so be kind, be patient.   It is of utmost importance that we stay in attunement and connected to Source.   Take good care of yourself – meditate, rest, and nurture your body thru these changes.   Again, seek your highest aspirations and longing, while also taking care of what needs to be taken care of in your daily life.  It’s a new day… 

Listen to the pulse of the Earth’s heartbeat, and to your own… listen deeply, breathe, and Be…   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.  

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