I attached a photo of my ritual from last year, as by now it has become a tradition for me (never mind the messy kitchen).

This year, the equinox occurs at 5:02 a.m., and it’s on a Wednesday, so it will take some ambition!

Here goes:

Eggs_EquinoxAll you need are some wax crayons, or other water-proof markers, a kit of Easter Egg dye,  and about a dozen eggs.  The eggs must be RAW, or they will not balance. 

You can get started the night before the equinox, or do it earlier in the day.  You can think of it as a new year, so write a list of resolutions, intentions, wishes, etc.  Then you can close you eyes and ask for a symbol for each wish, if you want to. This avoids having to write long sentences on the eggs.

Next, dye the eggs and let them dry. Then write your intentions or symbols on the eggs.  A couple of hours before the Equinox, get the eggs out of the fridge so they will be at room temp, they are easier to balance that way, (I think the yolk migrates down through the white and centers itself easier or something).

Start trying to balance them around 4:30 a.m. or so.  They will start balancing, and I have been able to continue balancing for about 30 minutes after the Equinox. Most years I get them all balanced. 

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