April Showers Bring May Flowers
By Eliza Marie Somers, For Heaven’s Sake

As spring gets its roots thoroughly planted, how is your garden growing? Have you started pulling weeds and amending the soil so it is fruitful for the harvest?

Well, what about tending to the garden of you mind? Have you pulled the weeds of negative thoughts and amended the brain with positive affirmations so you can plant seeds of your intentions or seeds of love, peace, harmony, justice and joy? 

It’s true; you reap what you sow, and what a man thinks so goes his heart. So, prepare the soil of your mind by pushing aside negative thoughts. You don’t have to dwell on every thought that pops in your head. As Wayne Dyer explained excuses and/or negative thoughts are mind virus and they cross our minds like that ticker tape on the bottom of the TV screen. We choose what we focus on. Isn’t it time to change your focus? 

Amending garden soil with fertilizers increases its yield, and filling your mind with positive thoughts increases its yield, meaning more positive experiences in your life. And who doesn’t need positive experiences? Yes, this is a time of great negativity in our country and around the world, but we can think positively by visualizing Lady Justice with her scales of balance and sword over the U.S. Capitol or even the world. This thought process has helped me as I keep up with the news and have become disheartened with what I see. And low and behold, it does make me feel better. 

Just as the earth’s soil gets depleted of energy so does our mind. This can be caused by numerous things, such as life circumstances, stress, unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Taking a few minutes out to breathe and even just 5 minutes of meditation can reset and revitalize you. 

Yes, it’s hard to keep focused on the positive, even Louise Hay of Hayhouse Publications and the queen of affirmations, said she had trouble keeping her sights on the positive. If you are having trouble pulling those mind-virus weeds or with revitalizing low vigor, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Energy workers, such as Reiki masters, sound healers and life coaches, can work with you as you change your thought patterns and habits. 

Please stop by or call one of our two For Heaven’s Sake stores to set up an appointment with one of our many healers. On our website  you can find a list of our healers and their specialties, along with our events. 

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