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Crystals to Repair Relationships

In this season of love with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we would like to take a little different approach by helping you resolve conflict and restore relationships — be it relationships with a partner, family members, coworkers, neighbors and/or friends. Cultivating peaceful interactions with others is the best way to reap peace within our circle and the world.

Using crystals can help you navigate these waters, and remember working with crystals require crystal clear intentions. Crystals direct, amplify and increase energy patterns that can help you manifest your desires, so be clear with your purpose.

Here are some crystals that help with relationships:

Sardonyx – This crystal is a variety of onyx with carnelian and is a must for marriages and any close relationship as it brings happiness and encourages integrity. It also attracts friends, good fortune, and boosts happiness.

Atlantasite – Many of the youngsters who come into For Heaven’s Sake say this looks like a “dinosaur egg” with its yellow-green color (Serpentine) and sprinkles of purple (Stichtite). Integrating the heart and crown chakras, Atlantasite helps in understanding by ending disputes and uniting people.

Astrophyllite – Melody calls this the “stone of marriage,” and rightfully so, as it can bring a state of bliss to a relationship. It also enhances truthfulness, fidelity and openness.

Epidote – The vibration of epidote can be attuned to assist in all types of relationships.

Moonstone – The “ lunar” stone can be used to balance relationships and calm over-reactions that can lead to peaceful resolutions. It is also a stone for new beginnings.

Green Tourmaline – Speaking of new beginnings, if you are ending a relationship this variation of tourmaline counters fear of change. It also is the No. 1 crystal for self-healing.

Rhodonite – Ranging from pink to red to black, Rhodonite decreases your vulnerability to other people’s negativity. With its pink color, it also attracts love and clears the heart charka. It allows for forgiveness when feeling betrayed, abandoned and unloved. Yes, there is something called righteous anger, but to move forward we have to forgive. This crystal will help you with the timing of forgiveness.

Malachite – One of our favorite crystals, the green banded stone is great for transformation, be it you after a relationship or in transforming the one you are in now. It can help relieve negative relationships,. Melody writes malachite “represents fidelity in love and friendship, loyalty in partnerships and practicality and responsibility in business transactions.” Sounds like we all could use a little Malachite.

Red Malachite – This is actually a form of banded Jasper, and is beautiful to hold. It will help you set boundaries.

Orthoclase – A form of Feldspar, Orthoclase is pink and black and will help you with courage during trouble times. It also supports self-love and encourages ambition to help you “get out there, again.”

Garnet – Ahh,  January’s birthstone comes in many colors, and its more recognizable deep wine color can help alleviate discord and negativity and is often used to bring order out of chaos. This crystal can help you feel grounded as you feel its energy of higher love.

Garnet in Limestone – This crystal looks like leopard spots and can extract negative energy and transform it into a beneficial state. It is also used to help communications when the subject is “taboo.”

Thulite – This purple crystal can give insight into problems and allow a path to correcting the issue. Thulite is also a joyful stone and can diffuse tension and conflict, resulting in understanding.

Chrysocolla – A powerful but gentle stone, Chrysocolla allows you to speak your truth in a tender and loving way.

Red Aventurine – Yes, the more known green aventurine comes in red and can assist you in overcoming challenges and persevere in difficult situations.

Green Aventurine – The green variety can help eliminate stressful thoughts and negativity while solidifying relationships.

Blue Amber – This rare form of amber helps with flexible thinking and being adaptable, which allows one to remain calm.

Ruby – The red crystal allows one to overcome disputes while eliminating violence. It helps one to recognize that you do not need to be in a relationship that is distressful. Along with helping one through difficult situations, Ruby is a nurturing crystal, allowing you to take care of yourself.

Rose Quartz – Last but not least, Rose Quartz is a soft, gentle stone that can bring harmony into all relationships. It gently removes negative energy and allows one to be more open to love, especially self-love. It is an excellent crystal to heal emotional wounds.

For Heaven’s Sake Metaphysical Books and Gifts carries crystals and offers a monthly class, Let’s Get Stoned, to help you understand and use crystals. Please visit one of our two locations in Denver and Lakewood.

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