Jade is one the most valued stone in China. Not only because is it beautiful, but it also bring about good luck, wealth, and good health to its wearer. Because of this, jade became one of the most popular choices when it comes to jewelry.

Healing properties

Jade is valued not only for its beauty, but for its healing properties as well. Jade helps balance body fluids and aids the body’s filtration and elimination organs. It helps remove toxins and is excellent for treating problems associated with the kidney and adrenal glands.

Unblock the heart chakra

People experience negative emotions like fear, loneliness, depression, and grief when the heart chakra is blocked. The green jade protects and supports the loving heart energy. It can also help unblock the heart chakra. This is especially beneficial when it is kept in contact with the skin. It helps the wearer become more forgiving, loving, and compassionate. It addresses all issues related to the heart; hence, allowing the user to feel happy with daily life.


Jade is a powerful protective stone. It will keep you from harm and also guards against illnesses. Being a protective stone, it is also ideal for individuals who travel a lot as it will help keep them safe throughout their journey. Wear this as a jewelry or carry it in your pocket to enjoy these benefits.

Promotes prosperity

Jade is considered to be a lucky stone. It can help you realize your full potentials and offers wealth, good health, and love. When you want to address abundance issues, we recommend that you place jade inside a bowl and place it inside your room. When you get home from work, place all your loose change in the bowl. Combining jade and coins in one bowl attracts more abundance.

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