For centuries, homeowners have turned to feng shui in the hopes of fostering happiness, boosting energy and stepping up their success.

Chinese believes that through proper placements of items, one could create a balanced and harmonious environment that would lead to happiness, wealth and health. If your goal is to enhance the flow of chi in your home, then be sure to avoid these mistakes when designing or remodelling your home. These may be simple mistakes, but can actually ruin your sleep and your health.

Different flooring surfaces

In feng shui, your floor covering represents your home’s metaphorical strength. Having different flooring for different rooms in your home may give the place a weak energy. Feng shui experts recommend installing the same type of flooring throughout your home. Not only will it give your home the illusion of having more space, it also gives your home a strong chi.


When your home is filled with clutter, you will never truly be zen. That’s a fact of life, and feng shui experts seem to agree on this.

Clutter represents stagnant or stuck energy. Positive energy won’t be able to flow in that space unless you get rid of clutter and organize your things. To promote good vibes in your home, we encourage you to toss out some of the things you no longer use or need. Go through one room at a time until you’ve tackled the entire house.

Mirror facing the front door

One of the worst feng shui mistakes one could make. Remember that the house absorbs its needed energy though the front door. No matter how beautiful, expensive or unique the mirror is, you should never place one opposite the front door. If you do, the incoming energy will be pushed away.

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