This is a time of change for some and a time of renewal for others. We have stated before: “Change brings about more change.” When one makes the choice of re-creation, or change, you are still in the creation process. This is the year to clean out your energy closets of those old “lower vibrational bottom feeder” energies. Time to “clean house,” per say. Those that began their energetic house cleaning early may now be in the process of renewing or rebuilding those higher vibrational bridges towards new stories or visions they wish to bring into their experiences.

Yes, changes can be difficult. How you maintain your higher vibration is key. We understand one cannot maintain a high vibration at all times. Experiences in this biological life can affect ones vibration, immensely. When one becomes aware of their lower vibration THAT is when the choice can be made to remain or change. We have also stated before that Faith plays a big part in helping to maintain higher vibration. Have Faith in yourselves, dear ones, in God/Source Energy, that the changes you have brought, or will bring, into your lives were through Divine Guidance. Guidance which you may not see, but trust, since change was, or will be, acted upon.

When we were asked if December 21, 2012 would be the end of the world or life we replied, “No, life will not end, however, life as you know it will end.” Changes will be activated by those which are prepared to take the energetic shift to the next level of Unified Conscious thought and being. Those of you that have felt you cannot fall any lower, vibrationally and emotionally, will now come back into the Awareness of Self (the Higher Self). This will assist your recalibration process; adjust your thought processes and emotional realignment.

2012 was a difficult year. Many tragedies and transitions. Those which elected to
participate in assisting the raising of the vibration of this planet are now rejoicing in the awareness and compassion in which they helped to reawaken on Earth. Those of you which have chosen to remain in this dimension are now working from this side of the spectrum by being of service to those which are “still sitting on the fence.” They are not sure if they should accept God/Source Energy into their present experience, in this
life. To do so would be to their benefit, however, fear of the unknown holds them back. Those of you, which remain to provide service of support and awakening, will assist. God/Source Energy, we all, hold open wide, our arms to embrace and accept ALL into the Light.

Our love for you is endless, infinite. Embrace the changes and processes of renewal. Hostess may have gone out of business, however, Unified Consciousness is never ending.

We love you very much.


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Publication Date: May 19, 2012
With the many changes which are occurring, see oneself as a  beautiful Phoenix that rises from the ashes to begin anew. One’s  journey never ends but is always changing; each time developing strength  and beauty of new plumage to spread wings for new flights, taking one  higher, to glide the currents of change. ~Nick~5/7/10  Deborah has been  on her spiritual path since she was a child. There were many times when  she “felt” things around her but could not explain to adults what they  were. Then came the fear of the unknown, and she shut down her  abilities. Over the years, Deborah has been training and preparing to  open herself up to receive again, and in 2007 Marstuthhnick  “Nick” made  his appearance through a Hypnotherapy Session.

Deb is available for readings during our 2nd and 4th Sunday Psychic Fairs from 11-5 or by appointment.  Also catch Deb in group during her monthly CHANNELING MARSTUTHNICK ”NICK” Night – Pure Conscious Channel on Evenings of Guidance with questions and answers  2nd Fridays from 7-8:30PM  RSVP

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