Crystals to Help You Stay Grounded

Crystals to Help You Stay Grounded

By Eliza Marie Somers

One questioned I’m asked is: Why should I get grounded?

Grounding is a way to deepen our connection to the Earth. It allows us to be in physical, mental and spiritual balance, creating an aura that is stable thus keeping negative energy from entering our sphere. Grounding also helps to connect us to our heart center while releasing negative feelings and thoughts.

Grounding exercises such as standing barefoot in nature, taking deep breaths and imagining your feet are roots connecting with the Earth’s core or even holding grounding crystals can help stop your mind from swirling in a cycle of negative beliefs or rumination. It’s a way to get you out of your head. Sometimes I have to yell at myself and say, “STOP! Breathe. What are you thinking?” Grounding brings me back to the present, and halts that destructive thought pattern.

We all have those negative thoughts or ANTS (automatic negative thoughts), as Dr. Daniel Amen calls them. It’s human nature to have negative thoughts, so states an article in Psychology Today. It appears that our brains create more electrical activity when negative stimuli is present causing strong reactions. The article goes on to state that in order to balance out one negative moment, you need five positive moments. “That magic ratio is five to one. … It is the frequency of small positive acts that matters most, in a ratio of about five to one,” states Psychology Today.

To help you find that balance and achieve a five to one ratio, carry or wear some grounding crystals, and when you are confronted with your ANTS, reach for the crystals. Just touching them, like a worry stone, will bring you out of your mind and back down to Earth, consequently creating a stable foundation and bringing your light back into your heart. Here’s an article from Healthline that describes some grounding techniques (No. 2 is touching items near you.).

Here’s a list of some of the more popular grounding crystals:

Black Tourmaline – Also known for protection. This crystal needs to be cleansed frequently as it tends to hold on to negative energy as it transmutes it into a positive vibe.

Hematite – A Grounding Titan that protects the aura.

Smoky Quartz – Excellent crystal of eliminating fear and negativity while producing a calming feeling as it draws in light revealing swirls of brown and black smoke-like wisps. It draws energy from the crown down to the root chakra.

Obsidian – Obsidian absorbs negative energies on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. And don’t just stick with Black Obsidian. I love Snowflake Obsidian and Sheen Obsidian. There’s also a lovely Mahogany Obsidian. Work with all of these and you won’t be disappointed!

Red Jasper – Known as the blood of Mother Earth by Native Americans, Red Jasper was used to increase awareness of the earth. Also use Red Jasper when you need endurance, focus and determination.

Grounding is a powerful tool to help you manage troubling thoughts and situations, and holding crystals can benefit your efforts to maintain a balanced foundation and aura.

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