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More Crystals for Love

By Eliza Marie Somers

Yearning for love is an inherent trait we are given at birth, and is the second most requested element we receive at For Heaven’s Sake.

The English language has only one word for love, but the Greek language has four to seven words for love, according to research I dug up on the Internet.  I’m going to focus on using crystals directed at these four Greek words

Agape – Divine love

Eros – Sexual passion, intimate love

Philia – Friendship – think of Philadelphia, known as the City of Brotherly Love

Storge – Natural empathy or affection, such as toward your children, your dog.

Some crystals overlap, so use them as you see fit.

Danburite – Originally found in Danbury, Connecticut, this crystal possesses a high vibration and opens your higher chakras, along with the heart chakra. This is a great stone for Divine unconditional love and connecting with your higher self, angels and the Divine.

Morganite – I jokingly say this is Rose Quartz on steroids. Morganite is becoming the new go-to stone for engagement rings because of its vibration to cleanse and activate the heart chakra. It attracts love and fosters love’s growth.

Dumortierite – Is an excellent crystal for mental capacity or learning thus it opens the third eye chakra and helps you connect with the Divine and your Divine plan.

Green Calcite – Calcite is an energy amplifier, and one website called it the multivitamin for the soul. Green is associated with the heart chakra, so this stone is a natural for opening the heart to love, especially to compassion and goodwill to all living creatures. 

Orange Calcite – This calcite stimulates the physical body and one’s sexual energy. 

Pink Calcite – Another calcite, but this one is “softer” with its pink color, allowing one to be more compassionate. It also can help you connect with the Divine

Garnet – This crystal has been used to balance sexual energies. It is also a stone of devotion, to yourself and others.

Ruby – Intensity and vivaciousness are qualities of rubies. Ruby has been associated with sensual passion because of its color, but it can also be a passion for beauty or one’s pursuits, be it in business or in love. And don’t discount Ruby Kyanite or Ruby Fuchsite, both contain the qualities of ruby.

Emerald – In Melody’s book, “Love is in the Earth” emerald is a “stone of successful love.” It provides “domestic bliss and loyalty.”

Rhodonite – Melody calls this the “stone of love” and helps one attain their highest potential. It helps with unconditional love and will clear and activate the heart chakra. It is a stone of generosity, compassion and altruism or unselfishness.

Tiger’s Eye – This lovely crystal with its bands of color is an excellent stone for vitality and the physical body – thus sexual – and can help you maintain balance in your emotional life.

Kunzite – Stimulating the throat and heart chakras, this light purple crystal can help produce loving thoughts and communication. It can connect you with Divine love, along with self-love and romantic love.

Instead of turning to the tried and true Rose Quartz crystals, I hope you will experiment with the above stones to further your love pursuits. Come visit us to learn more! For Heaven’s Sake Denver and For Heaven’s Sake Lakewood

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