Channeled message by Deb Klepsch

Recognizing the gifts before one can be difficult. With all the lower vibrational occurrences it is easy to perceive things in a lower vibrational manner. This is a time to reach within; to re-connect with the positive aspect of your being. Allow Self to emerge by recognizing the lower vibrations for what they are not; a part of you. Those that wish to make you part of their lower vibrational experience will try to make it your experience, your belief, your story. Many may believe they are having more than their share of lower vibrational experiences. When one finally understands or recognizes that it is not the experience which needs to change but ones perception of the experience, that is the essential piece towards… peace. Approaching the experience with the understanding of how one perceives each one is when the lower vibrational lessons move forward to newer, more positive expansion processes. Making positive vibrational changes within oneself will bring about more positive experiences without.

Those of you which are experiencing “time speeding up” are working through these expansion processes, not in “real time” but in 5th dimensional time. The faster one moves through these positive expansion lessons the quicker you are ready to assist and be of service to others. As we have stated before, we honor so much for making the choice to incarnate into these biological bodies. We know that once your “biological amnesia” took affect, you no longer had the ability to make decisions from the vantage point of the Higher Self, without conscious awareness. Continue to ride those higher vibrational currents of change which will keep you flowing towards higher dimensional experiences. Changing your outlook from a lower vibrational vantage point to a higher one will come as easy as changing your socks.

We love you very much~Nick~2/2/13

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3/8/13 – Friday from 7-8:30PM 
Channeling “Nick” (Marstuthnick) Pure Conscious Channel on Evenings of Guidance with questions and answers

Deborah has been channeling Marstuthnick (Nick) since January 2007 when he spontaneously “appeared” during a past life regression. Nick says, “We are of many legions. We come to help man make aware their gifts.” Deborah has been a Reiki Master since 1997 and received her Doctor of Philosophy in Parapsychic Science in 2006 from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, Birmingham, Alabama. To register/contact Deborah directly, call 720-581-0150. $15/person: RSVP Online

“Thank you, Deb, so very much for accommodating me today with the wonderful session and powerful meditations.  I feel so much better and even a bit lighter in attitude. I truly appreciate the channeling and work that you bring forward.  It so resonates with the truth of my own being, and it comforts me.  Thank you, Deb, and Marstutnick.” -Diane

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