Many challenges are being brought into your experiences at this time. How one perceives and chooses to react or interact with these challenges is key as to what will come into ones next experience. If handled with Grace, Grace will be more evident. May these challenges be a test of your character? Yes…however, they are also a reawakening of the Self. When challenges are approached with a higher vibration one will have higher vibrational experiences, which will enter into ones life. This is the Law of Attraction at work. You are higher vibrational beings which, at times, may choose to have lower vibrational perceptions or experiences. The choice is yours…Through Grace and Self Love one will find inner peace and powerful direction. These challenging experiences may be compared to pressures which create a diamond. In the biological body you are all diamonds in the rough. You are the jewels of experiences, in this life, and each challenge is a facet of the whole. There are many gifts hidden within the self. Grace will reveal the the luster .~Nick/Marstuthnick Channeled by Deb Klepsch ~10/1/12

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