Q & A with Psychic Medium Heather Hunter

Coming to For Heaven’s Sake THIS Sunday, Oct 2 with her live readings event: “An Evening with Spirit!” 6:00-8:00 pm. Seats are $25, or two for $45 and are available online at: www.HeatherMHunter.com.

Door price: $30

Q: What is “An Evening with Spirit?”

A: An evening with Spirit is exactly that–an opportunity to connect with the Spirit Realm–most specifically, your own deceased loved ones, friends, neighbors, and sometimes even pets!

I will be offering messages from the Spirit World, randomly to those attending, as Spirit steps forward to me and makes themselves known!  Sometimes I am shown by the deceased loved one a particular memory such as a vacation or favorite place enjoyed by the family.  Sometimes Spirit comes through with funny stories regarding a certain event. They may show me their distinct personalities, physical features, favorite items, occupation, hobbies or talents, or even a favorite food they liked to eat. Often our passed loved ones will come through with validations for you that they remain aware of your life and enjoy talking about what you have been up to!

Q: What if something negative comes through? Are you making predictions?

A: My channeling of your passed loved ones is always about comfort, healing, and reassurance.  This is not about making predictions whatsoever, and nothing negative comes through. Usually if Spirit is offering caution about something, your loved one is usually only validating something you already had concerns or doubts about.  Mostly, they take the time to reassure you of their identity and that they are indeed able to connect with you and remain aware of your life.  My goal is to show those in attendance that love never dies.

Q: Am I promised a personal message?

A: At this type of event, I am channeling randomly to various participants as I make a connection with their spirit person.  Usually I cannot get to everyone in attendance.  However, what is incredible and amazing are the similar themes that go around in a group setting that help other participants feel a connection to their own loved ones and feel some peace and closure through the messages for others. In fact, I truly believe Spirit intentionally designs who comes together in these groups and will bring through certain topics that will resonate for more than one person!

Q: When did you first start to see Spirit?

A: Actually I believe that Spirit saw me–and my abilities–long before I was aware!  I was receiving nighttime visits from Spirit as a child, but of course I was terrified!  My parents just thought I had the most active dream/nightmare life!  I know now Spirit was drawn to me because I could open up.  But that shut down for years until I went through a personal crisis years later. That crisis brought about an uncanny intuition, psychic abilities, and medical intuition as I worked as a family therapist. Eventually the dead wanted me to help them connect with their family members during my counseling sessions! Before long, channeling the deceased became my primary work.

Q: How do I book a private session? What other services do you offer?

A: Private sessions are available through email: MediumHeatherHunter@gmail.com.  I also offer small group Spirit Circles limited to 8 to 10 where everyone hears from loved ones and gets one on one support from me for two hours.  All Spirit Circles and upcoming events are posted on my website: www.HeatherMHunter.com.

Q: Any testimonials?

A: Yes, on my website, on Yelp, and I am also listed in Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory.  I also have comments/reviews on my Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/PsychicMediumHeatherHunter

I hope to see you on Oct 2 for an amazing evening of Spirit connections!

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