Javier Derderyan
Javier Derderyan

33 years ago José Luis, researcher, international lecturer and psychoanalyst, started an investigation with an hypothesis: That all the different religions of the world are branches of the same tree: one Teaching that was transmitted to humans thousands of years ago.

After hundreds of travels to the Initiated Cultures of all around the globe he found 11 Steps that appear in every teaching that tries to Connect the Human with the Divine.
Steps that now are being used by thousands of people around the world, but that now will be brought for the first time ever in English.

The same cultures that developed those Steps, left Prophecies for us regarding this time we’re living today.
Much has been said about those Prophecies (2012 came and went, and most think that ‘everything is the same’ after that). But those Prophecies have very important warnings to every human.

And all have one Message that repeats similarly in each: A Call for Humans to go Beyond that.
A call to develop the Hero in each one, as the path to Create your Own Reality, and with that go beyond all the issues that invade our everyday life.

The path to Create your Own Reality are the Eleven Steps of Magic, which, if you Walk that Path, lead you through all human history, every Initiated Culture of the World and…most important, the history of each one who wants to walk that Path.

Those steps can be found scattered in some cultures, which only were able to develop them partially; but the call for Heroism – and the Prophecies – urges us to Integrate everything we have learnt to go beyond what we think is possible now.

The Eleven Steps of Magic question the basic understanding we have of our own reality urging us to Create Our Own Reality using the most Subtle Tool we have at our at our disposal: Our own Words.

A Call to Create Reality with our Words…is a Call for Heroism, a Call for the Divine in each one of us. Because that’s exactly what God did – and teach us to do – in every culture: “And God said, Let there be light”.

He Created a Reality with Words. That’s what every Prophecy calls us to do now!

This Thursday the 29th, at For Heaven’s Sake, Javier Derderyan will dictate the first Introductory Talk to the Eleven Steps of Magic in English.

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